Cuba Libra! The Menswear Way….

I am so looking forward to the day I can return to, as they say there, “Habana”.

The vintage American autos. The resilience of the beautiful

From this month's ShowBoats Int'l.

From this month’s ShowBoats Int’l.

people with their sunny smiles and ball-bearing swiveling dancing hips. The cigars and the scent of sweet tobacco. The casas decrépita along the Malècon, the music wafting from every corner, every cafe, every car. The many hotel particuliers and the private in-home restaurants. The bittersweet existence of the poor, down-trodden but exuberantly positive life led there.

Havana took my breath away, and made my heart ache at the same time. Please read on for Cuba Libra! Now out in the July/August issue of ShowBoats International.



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