Bugle Boy Blast from the Past!

Look what Rachel Spevak, former DNR colleague and fellow stripe-meister of mine, brought to the menswear party last night!

Initially, I couldn’t figure out where we were (or what were we thinking?!).  Rachel had marked the photo on the back June 1987. Whoa! I thought it was one of the grand parties out in Vegas during Magic, but the timing was wrong. The more I looked, I see we’re standing in front of a boat and then it came to me. East 23rd Street Boat Landing, a Bugle Boy event during Young Men’s Market on a party boat. Obviously, the dress called for “nautical” that night!

Note our identical striped mock neck big shirts, my matching messenger bag, ankle socks, leather fisherman sandals and, in a prior-to-when-she-was-born shout-out to The Man Repeller, “birth-control glasses” from back in the day.

So, who can tell me where we shopped back then? I’ll throw out a few, see what ya think …Antique Boutique, Canal Jeans, Reminiscence, If Boutique on West 8th Street?…

The winner gets kudos for their fashion stripes!

3 thoughts on “Bugle Boy Blast from the Past!

  1. Mexx is a good one, Rach. I am still thinkin' Canal Jeans, too, Catherine. Although I had another friend who threw out Charivari and Pat Fields, which were too rich for my taste back then, and Domsey Warehouse, which, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I never got a crack at!

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