Hurricane Irene? What Hurricane Irene?!!!

Of course, I joke. 
We are definitely getting more prepared than putting on our pretty bright and happy summer dresses over here in the East Village.
Water prep. Check. 
I’ve been filling our mason jars (actually, spaghetti jars left over from P’s beloved marina sauce) for the past couple days from our RO filter. Trying to get good pure, reverse osmosis filtered water, and be EC at the same time. In other words, not buy the plastic bottled water from the big corporation brands.
We’re even filling out tub, just in case.

And naturally, we had to stock up on canned goods (mostly P’s choice of soups, etc.) and I got to throw some dried fruits with bags of nuts into the mix. We’re also stocked up on pasta, quinoa, brown rice and soba since we’ve got a gas stove. Just in case we lose electric.
We’re off to get my winter clothing bins from my storage cellar at the old apartment. Afraid that area will flood and I can’t afford to lose my entire winter wardrobe. At least, not days before New York Fashion Week! Again, I jest, but only slightly. 
Sally forth in safety, dear readers. Can’t wait to say “Good night, Irene,” to this one!

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