Spring cleaning

Refashion + Rethink = Renewal.

I’m talkin’ fresh, new start for everything + everybody.  I’ve been pondering this change all week, for me + for the blog (see my new profile pic). Time to spring-it up! White it out. Soak in the sun. Toss on a romantic straw hat. Bring on the light.

Which reminds me of this:

Found this vintage Laura Ashley white paper straw hat at an adorable antique store in Charleston last year with my sister + my mom and nabbed it, along with a great vintage wicker picnic basket and a darling blown glass wine bottle stopper, in anticipation of a friend’s upcoming Five-Oh-No. Call it a non-botox youth injection.

The hat’s a little wrinkled from the road trip back, and it may have gotten a titch burned from sitting on top of our “sun” light (can I call it tanned?!), but once I add the other ingredients (which, of course, include a bottle of red from Discovery Wines + a goat or cheddar from Saxelby Cheese), it’ll be perfect.

Have a great almost-springtime day!


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