don’t f**k with Mother Nature

the calm on the marsh before the storm

the 4th of July fireworks had nothin’ on last thursday night’s exhibition and explosions of light and sound in Mount Pleasant, SC. it was the MOTHER of all thunderstorms i’ve ever experienced. south carolina, charleston in particular, when we first moved here, had the most hellacious thunderstorms every afternoon. coming from the midwest, we were accustomed to only the cold white stuff drifting into high mountains in the middle of the thin, crisp seasonal air of winter. in the Lowcountry, rained poured thick through the humidity, viscously over the edges of struggling gutters, intersections flooding with cars whose motorists were stranded up to their knees, lightening shooting from heaven to hell and back and thunder rumbling the very ground beneath your feet.

filmed from my sister and brother-in-law’s back porch, with the lights of the house across the creek where my niece and her girl friend were to have been attending a party, there were times the fire-y streaks thoroughly lit the night sky, invoking daylight, with rolling thunder that shook the floor boards we stood upon. at one point, it looked like the house across Hobcaw Creek had been struck. thankfully, both my niece + her friend made it back soon and safely and we all felt blessed until one major bam of bass shook us to our very soles. i think my sister was hiding under the bed with all the dogs! all i could think of was ~ how did my family stay in Charleston during Hurricane Hugo and live.

i flew out the next morning, praying SC’d get back to that sun-surf-and-sand weather in which i so love + adore to fly back to NYC. my thoughts that night before were to have everyone please send prayers, love and hope to little Touille to make it through the night. he really needed all the good karma he could get and i hoped he’d still be hanging on for me when i walked into the apartment that day. Unfortunately, he couldn’t and wasn’t. He’s home now in little ratty heaven + so am i ~ back to pick up the pieces of a life as shaken + scary as Thursday night’s stormy aftermath. check it out here. xoxokimmie

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