French is Always in Fashion, Mais Non?

Jealous yet?
Making my own fashionable haute foodture over here in the East Village: rosemary and olive oil organic French Toast with yumbly strawb’s and ‘nanners. And, of course, real Canadian maple syrup. Added a fried egg this a.m., just to mix it up.
Early V Day giftee for the hubby. Love American style. Since I will be back on fashion show patrol tomorrow.
A bien tôt!

Stylin’ like a Celebrity ~ Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style by Tom Julian

Are you stylin’? International trend guru Tom Julian is.

Julian, of the Tom Julian Group, knows that clothes make the man and in his just-released book, Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style (Chronicle Books), he advises that “the right clothes can turn an interview into a job, a lunch meeting into a deal, maybe even a blind date into marriage.”

But, guys, how do you know you’ve (or, ladies, your man’s) got the right clothes? Julian’s new tome helps make the choices simple, breaking it down by style category and showing what clothes to wear and — here’s the important part — how to wear them.

First, take his super quick quiz at the front of the book to figure out your lifestyle style type. Questions are easy, like whose celebrity style you most admire and what do you enjoy doing on weekends. Since Julian’s savvy fashion work over the years for has reported on Red Carpet style trends on stars like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Daniel Craig, suffice it to say that it’s a piece a cake for him to help you determine your style. Julian’s four fashion stylin’ types are:

LUXURY: According to Julian, the clothes you’ll want “tradition, skill and craftmanship” in your wardrobe. Your personality is to “portray a quiet confidence.”

CLASSIC: You “appreciate quality, value and function,” but “take the basics and make them your own.”

CONTEMPORARY: Julian says you have a “modern approach to fashion,” with a desire “to be current but not flashy.”

TREND: Julian notes this style type likes to “stay on top of things” and “make edgy fashion choices…translating the runway into real life.”

Julian’s debut Style guide is garnering stellar attention, what with GQ Magazine’s recent swanky NYC book launch, Women’s Wear Daily’s reporting Nordstrom getting in on the book business and a style question-and-answer evening at the Princeton Club. Julian also ended up in The Dish Rag by Elizabeth Snead (, dishing on how ladies can dress their men like George Clooney, Brad Pitt or any one of their favorite celebrity stud they’d like to see themselves dating.

Who’s stylin’ now?