Loup Charmant Fashion Designer Kee Edwards: FW’s Friday:5ive

It seems as though I’ve known Kee Edwards — the multi-talented visionary behind the airy organic cotton collection, Loup Charmant — all my life. She could be the blonde twin sister I always dreamed of having during my childhood. The one who got me, really got me (of course, she really does get me in real life). The one who would grab you gently by the hand and drag you down to make mud pies at the edge of the ocean’s waves on a sunny summer’s day or play paper doll dress up in the dust-infused light of the floral wallpapered attic, all while holding an enlightened conversation about the origin of the world. Of love. Of light. Of ourselves.

the positive kee edwards

We share such similar touch stones: Continue reading

Loup Charmant fashion shoot behind the scenes

After having to reschedule the production several times due to weather and then model and photog availability, Wednesday’s location shoot for Loup Charmant’s website mood pix found us at Ft. Tilden and Rockaway beaches on the most beautiful day. Seriously. There couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day. And styling with this professional and talented crew couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Loved the opportunity to work with photographer Jonathan Bookallil, makeup artist Yuko Mizuno (both with Rona Represents), hair stylist Gloria Espinoza (for the second time!), Jonathan’s right and left hand men Andrew and Will, LC assistant Quinne Meyers and, of course, the inimitabdes creative converter, Kee Edwards, designer & founder of Loup Charmant.
In between styling, I snapped a few behind the scene shots. Hope you enjoy!

Fern Mallis show on SiriusXM Wraps up New York Fashion Week

Fern Mallis rocks Fashion Week. 
She always has, since its inception, as she basically founded the week that moves New York fashion — and New York City — forward twice a year.
Fern Mallis surrounded by her panel of experts, Amanda Miller of Saks Fifth Avenue, fashion editor Ann Caruso, Dirk Standen of Style.com, Refinery29.com’s Christene Barberich, Tom Julian Group’s Tom Julian and The Daily’s Eddie Roche.
I was lucky enough to be part of

the audience in the “fishbowl” at her wrap up of NYFW on Sirius XM taped live this past Friday afternoon:

“Fashion Insiders with Fern Mallis”
Sirius XM STARS Channel 107
Airing 7-8pm ET tonight Friday, September 14th  
Follow the link below for a free trial to listen in to the hot topics of designer runway reviews, gossip (that slap! that open letter ad in WWD!), and the future of the Spring 2013 trends at retail and beyond:

 Weighing in on the hot topics
 Saks’ Amanda Miller, foreground, with Refinery29.com’s Christene Barberich
Fern with colleague and friend Tom Julian
Ann Caruso with Fern

The Daily’s Eddie Roche and Fern, with Dirk Standen, right, near TJ 
Designer and author Jeffrey Banks with Lisa Silhanek, audience members today

Lisa and yours truly (of course, wearing my favorite Loup Charmant!)

Rock ‘n Rollin’ at Loup Charmant

LC’s not the collection of sweet little innocent organic cotton clothing you may have pegged it as!
Yesterday’s photo shoot for Kee Edwards’s Loup Charmant Summer 2013 Lookbook tapped into 
Hair stylist Gloria Espinoza checking out model Mariel Soehner’s book while makeup artist Seevon Chau completes the eye look

the collection’s edgier, sophisticated and definitely glamorous side.  Some of the behind the scenes views, below. The shoot crew was rockin’ — thanks + shout outs to photographer Maria Karas, model Mariel Soehner (Wilhemina), makeup artist Seevon Chau, hair artist Gloria Espinoza, nail artist Mayumi, and assistants Quinne Myers and Karolyn Maurer. My role? Stylist and creative coordinator. And major, MAJOR thanks to kee! The talented designer without whom we wouldn’t have had the most beautiful clothes and the best crew with which to work.

Gloria and Seevon making Mariel even more gorge

Maria conferring with Kee over lighting

Props table

 LC’s midnight cotton bloomers get edge-y and bad ass!

My Lovely Day with Loup Charmant

Lucky girl that I am, I got to spend practically a whole day earlier this week at the Red Hook homebase of the fabulous Loup Charmant clothing collection.  Designer extraordinaire Kee Edwards and I worked on a little copy, played with palettes and hues, and then I got to try on a slew of pieces from the SS12 Collection as well as some of the new Winter samples.
My appetite has been whetted and now I am hungry like the Loup Charmant — for fabulous, lounge-y and lovely fashion from LC!
Check out LC’s entire SS lookbook here (I love how I’m credited at the end: “Kimberly Cihlar — all ’round awesome.”)
Below, the ultra cool wool snap cape, organic cotton peasant top and wool jersey jogging, worn with Kee’s adorable new alpargatas, or Peruvian espadrilles. Cute, no? The cape and le winter jogging are absolute MUST HAVES for this next fall. Get your orders in now!
Of course, you know me — things normally have to be about shoes, so we kicked it up a bit and I switched to Kee’s Isabel Marant suede cork wedgies. Wicked! Those sublime wool jersey jogging pants look just as great with heels as sneaks; I can’t wait to rock this winter with short booties or straight up stilettos. We added her amazing Texan hat with horsehair braid, a prop that I would wear in everyday life. Finally, a pic of Kee’s tootsies in the hippest pair of tasseled flats that she just found during a recent spree.

the ethereal wolf, the illuminated woman, the kee and her sister charley star

My girl kee ~ the lovely entrepreneur, shaman, wise woman, style guru and designer of Loup Charmant ~ is sharing more and more pearls with the universe this new decade. Her sweet sustainable LC fashion collection may be culled by a fantabulous NYC showroom soon for representation. Stay tuned. But major props & kudos!
Here’s to our all being hungry like the wolf while howling at the moon with our own siren songs.
Above, and the lovely lit-from-within clothing shots at loup*charmant, are the work of the exquisite charley star, another talent straight from the shared Edwards’ gene pool.

 Congratulations, kee. You and Loup Charmant are a testament to talent, creativity, hard work and the success that occurs when surrounding oneself with beauty inside and out.                xoxo:)

Martha Stewart would be so JEALOUS!

the charming back of the barn/garage of my friends k & t’s super gorzwhah weekend country abode near Saugerties…leading out to mega hydrangea bushes and a humongous meadow, the site of many of Loup Charmant’s simple and simply beautiful fashion photo shoots for founder Kee Edwards’ EC, organic cotton and lovingly designed PURE collection that is hand dyed or left naturally naked.

hmmmmm….what’s better than an outdoor shower, gracefully situated among the mammoth hydrangea and right in front of the minute frog pond that’s offset with a whimsical japanese maple?

grape arbor, arboretum, al fresco dining room, open-air library, outdoor sleeping niche. herbs, like lemon thyme, grow wild in between the stone “floor.” frog pond is just off the provençal bistro table.

wainscoting cabinetry, a sultry, calming country blue, holds earthenware composting pots, ceramic covered pots (can we say pre-Le Creuset?) and other lovely stonewear table accoutrements.

red accents for a claw-foot spa tub in the guest bath.

a bit of nature next to functional utensils on the dining room hutch.

horns of plenty accent the arts + crafts interior dining area.

save time for a relaxin’ rockin’ on the back porch. then get ready to hike Blue Mountain or bravely jump off the road overpass into the waterfall overflow from the reservoir preserve! ahhhhhh. nothing like the country life.