Oh, the Pristine Beaches of Barbados

What a get-away!
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados. Need I say more?!
Well, I could say this — the view as we were landing was spectacular, setting the tone for the next couple days.

And then, of course, this —

Sunset our third day there. It was raining the afternoon we arrived and pretty much poured the whole next day, but we took advantage of that weather to a) not get sunburned our very first day and, b) take the local’s bus downtown to Bridgetown to explore shops, get a phone card (although Verizon, surprise!, does work on this island) and dine al fresco on the waterway.
The weather was perfect from there on out and we relaxed on Dover Beach, jogged, swam, ate local cart food for dinner — flying fish is a national dish —  and thoroughly enjoyed life the Bajan way.

Dinner out our last night at Pisces, a somewhat pricey, touristy place, but lovely on the water, and later as a sliver of the moon shone over the bay. Notice it’s a sliver from the bottom, not from a bit off the side, as we’re used to at our longitude.

And this as we landed the next day, back at JFK five days after leaving–

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