Key to his Heart

Yes, P gave me the key to his heart this year for our anniversary.
8 years this past Monday since we hightailed it down to City Hall on a cold, drizzly day.
8 years since we mini-‘mooned in Montauk. 
8 years since my mom thought we were just pulling an April’s Fool joke on her!
8 years of working together to make this marriage work.
8 years of striving to have each other’s back. 
8 years of learning how to compromise, communicate, consolidate and condense.
8 years of happiness/hell, anger/ecstasy, good times/bad times.
8 years that I would gladly do all over again. In a heartbeat.
8 is a magical number, representing endlessness and infinity. 8 is the number of karma.
  8 is that of “– the external and continuous spiral of perpetual motion, which is the supreme signature of the Universe, and all evolutionary cycles.” 
The 8th year anniversary gift, so say websites and charts that document that kind of thing, can be bronze, pottery, linen or lace… I think P did a wonderful job picking out his gift to me this year, this patina’d bronze Celtic cross key from ABC Carpet & Home. Perfect. 
For infinity and beyond. Together. I have the key as proof. And I’m gonna wear it around my neck. Forever.

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