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Said like that downhill Olympics skier who began each slalom with a wild-at-heart-wrenching scream.

This morning, thanks to my faithful every-morning Thrillist blast, I roar out to you, my beauties + my beasties, about the most perfect new accessory for our blustery March end-of-winter days: Spirit Hoods.

They’re the coolest pro-animal “furs” you could ever hope to hunt down. Created from a faux fur that the LA-based design tribe says is the finest fake material ~ so fine you could almost be fooled into thinking they were real ~ these fantastical feral heads come in full hood and half-hood versions. Full hoods have inside zip pockets and trail long scarves that end in mitten “paws.” Special buttons on both fasten at the neck to keep you extra comfortable + toasty.

Created for men, women + children and premiering last month at Vegas’s Pool/MAGIC trade show, the hand-made hoodie collection runs with the big cats, manufacturing in the States and supporting endangered species through their Product Blue label (look for this tag when you’re purchasing). Not only will you look good, you can do good with proceeds helping the following wild animal conservancies: 

So, figure out your complementary animal spirit, be it Snow Leopard, Brown Bear, Panda, Black Cat or Wolf. Then gift one to a friend.

Gives a whole new meaning to getting a head.

Photos courtesy of Spirit Hoods.

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