Type Cast


Rest, ice, elevate. Then, reset. My poor nerve-damaged “write” hand is recouping, regrouping from Thursday’s carpal tunnel surgery.

Wearing the foam “cast” (what ME calls my “hand house”) that looks like a large Midwestern Tupperware mailbox to me.

Typing is tough. Hopefully, blogging will get easier and less painful once the stitches come out next Friday and I heal this hand, master my new Android G1 (luv it!) and give the left its turn under the knife. Trying my damnedest to be ambidextrous with the keyboard, mouse and youcc screen [OOPS! that was supposed to have read “touch”…obviously, my attempts at being “bi” are only somewhat successful so far. LOL!!!….]. Keeping my spirits up…baby’s first outing was today: I wrapped her up in a skull-strewn scarf and made my way with P to Abraça for coffee, the hardware store for galvanized steel window boxes and then back home for more rest.

I keep admonishing myself for not pushing harder ~ i.e., I’m mad that I didn’t make it to Montclair tonight for a best friend’s birthday dinner. But I have to remind myself, it’s only been 2 days since the surgery and I have to give myself a break! All in good time, right?! Still, I am trying to maintain a fashionable face personally, as well as publicly. Tito was amazed when he came up for coffee yesterday, saying I was stylish even when sick with my chiffon ballet wrap skirt over leggings and sensible classic flat camel pumps that Rachie gave me.

Bear with me, dear reader! I will be back in full force in no time. All in good time; all in good time.
Until then,

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