If Fayries Rode Bicycles in Red Hook, Brooklyn….

…then I believe that this would be one of the more magical & popular modes of ethereal transport…

All this talk of Red Hook from a friend of ours who is now definitely moving with her hubby to the Fairway Building in Red Hook made us want to go exploring that waterfront a few weekends ago.

P and I have been out to Red Hook before, years ago, way before and beyond when the Ikea superstore was dispatched, to visit the Pier Glass glass blowing studio. And we loved it all. The warehouses, the barren-ness of the area, the Key Lime Pie shop, the brave restaurant and shop owners who dipped a tiny toe into the proverbial icy waters of the NY Harbor and Gowanus Canal neighborhood. There used to be a French restaurant, I think called 360, that our Seattle resto-owner friend Joanne loved so; looks as if it didn’t make the transition. But I spotted many other hip looking spots that have burgeoned in and near its place.

The Fairway Building

Red Hook is a glorious living option these days. I can’t wait to see my friends’ new live/work space, can’t wait to check out the lobster digs and the cool bar she’s told me about and see their inside view of the water. What a view to wake up to! What a neighborhood to explore! I’ve already sussed out a cool new (to me) rug dealer where I think I’ll head back for a cowhide brown&white to add to our “living area,” as my friend Tom calls that niche of our abode.

The little golden art bike was resting its gilded wings along the waterfront near the glass blowing studio that Sunday, a left-over relic from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition show that opened about a week before our Red Hook sojourn.

Check back here often for forthcoming recommendations of places to shop, view, eat, shop, hang, shop, and just enjoy out there. I plan to explore Red Hook soon & thoroughly with my newly transplanted friend!

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