LOL. And other new words in the dictionary….

I love making up words. 
I’m still trying to get IDWT into the casual vernacular. IDWT — I’m Down With That. See how simple and straightforward?!!! Come on, people, we can do this!
And, hey! Why not?! LOL just made it into the most recent revision of the New Oxford English Dictionary. LMAO and ROTFL are common texting and FB’ing initialisms.

I think P is taking on some of my wordsmithing habits, be that good or bad. The other day he created a really funny one. “Chesticles.” We were watching, of course, The Simpsons and discussing how great Ned Flander’s body is…drawn. And there was some other guy who was in the episode, I forget who, but he was some beefed-up, steroid kind of dude and I mentioned his man-boobs, et voilà, chesticles was uttered.

Really kinda love it. Way to go, P!

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