“Sun, Sand—and a Whole New Sense of Myself”

By Sarah Gold for NextTribe.com

Serving as our resident travel writer (other than Tribe leader Jeannie Ralston!), Sarah Gold, below, taught us the ways of wording our observations and intentions during illuminating writing workshops, her contribution to our itinerary during the recent Next Tribe Stretch Your Mind, Stretch Your Body Present Moment Retreat in Troncones, Mexico.


Author Sarah Gold with the turtles she helped release. Photo: Amy Kawadler

Professional photo instructor Amy Kawadler led the group in honing eyes and rules of thirds with her expert photography workshops, as the mind stretching continued.

Meanwhile, I helped everyone on the “Stretch Your Body” part during my morning moving meditations.


Yep, that's me, caught during a meditative moment on the yoga platform. 
Photo: Paula Olivier

Here’s an outtake from Sarah’s beautiful take on the trip. Click for the full article. And note that it was so popular, we’re doing it again!  Sign up now to join for Part 2! Namaste, Next Tribers!

Sun, Sand—and a Whole New Sense of Myself

Sarah Gold was shy and skittish about joining a bunch of strangers on our most recent trip. But something fascinating happened under the tropical sun.

There probably aren’t many women out there—not sensible ones, anyway—who’d have to argue themselves into going on a group beach-and-yoga retreat at a tropical resort. But sense has never been my strong suit.

It’s not that I have any issue with temporarily running away from home: As a travel journalist, I’ve spent most of the past decade exploring some pretty off-the-map parts of the world. And I’m not averse to yoga classes and sunbathing, either—even though my…asanas are a little droopier than they used to be.

featured-imageOlga and Jean in front of the Be Here Now mural.