Revamping at Olive’s Very Vintage

Gotta love a good shop zhuszhing.

Olive's Very Vintage

Just in time for some warmer temps, Jen McCulloch sprang out early April with a store metamorphosis of her Olive’s Very Vintage, one of the coolest clothing boutiques anchoring the hip Carroll Gardens BK shopping neighb. Not one to leave a detail unexamined, Jen tore off the front of the boutique’s façade, exposing an arch of original brick and creating an area for some insets of reclaimed wood saved from Red Hook. The reclaimed Red Hook salvage theme continues inside the shop, crafting  the newly built check-out register/display cabinet and the glass-topped jewelry case.

Olive's Very Vintage

Not only is the shell of the shop revamped and reconfigured, but Jen is carrying some great new jewelry designers, with many of the gorgeous bits of bling made in Brazil with beautiful stones like labradorite, chrysoprase and turquoise.

And, there. Your shopping tip of the week!

Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage Olive's Very Vintage

The Maine Attraction

Maine Smith

A couple of weekends ago, under the expert Brooklyn tutelage of my dear friend *m, I felt the pull of a distant New York, the pangs of artistic urgings and the mysteries of neighborhoods unexplored. Getting off the Brooklyn bus at the corner of Nostrand and Atlantic, I sensed a New York similar to the one I relocated to in 1985, parts dilapidated, underdeveloped, gentrification happening practically before my eyes. We had stepped into, for me,  uncharted areas of Bed-Stuy and the sense of adventure was palpable.

I love *m’s indefatigable sense of exploration of the city, style, art and fashion and her desire to share with me that day her friend Maine Smith’s Eniam’s Closet (an anagram of the artist’s name) and his Future Now collection.  What a fantastic whirl of energy exuding from this former North Carolinian and his friends working the showroom with him. As Maine says in his Etsy bio: “I’m an artist, art director and photographer who finds creative inspiration through the concepts of story narration, human experience and life. I believe … Life is recycled energy from which creation occurs.”

Artist Maine Smith

Artist Maine Smith

Recycled energy pervaded the studio sale/art gallery event Maine held on a recent Saturday afternoon, manifested in a compilation of mixed media art pieces, mostly recycled from found objects, others painted, tag-like, with Maine’s curious sense of philosophy, as well as vintage clothing and Eniam’s hand-painted tees, bags, woven shirts.

Eniam's Closet

*m with her new Eniam hand tagged bag

*m with her new Eniam hand tagged bag

Also there, the sickest hand knit scarf sets created by Maine’s aunt, the best being the indigo version I snagged and the camo set with pocket scarf, cap and fingerless glovelets. Check out his Kate Moss canvas tagged with “Apres Moi le Deluge.” Of course, my favorite (I’m stuck in an indigo vortex right now) was the slightly rumpled French military coat, last photo, that Maine brought back from Paris. But don’t look for it there, though. It made it’s way to Manhattan and it’s future now is in my wardrobe. Check out Maine and Eniam’s Closet on Etsy…and off in the Brooklyn reaches of Dekalb Avenue.Eniam's Closet

Maine Smith Maine Smith

Maine Smith

Old Love. My Vintage Crush on Olive’s and Olaf’s Owner Jen McCulloch

Lately, I keep finding myself on Court Street near Carroll Gardens . Very chi chi and chock full of cool fashion finds. Especially this shop. One of my new fave places now is Jen McCulloch’s little gem of a shop, Olive’s Very Vintage, which has led me to be Very In Love with this lady and her Very Vintage aesthetic! What took me so long?! For weeks, my friend *m had been raving to me about this great little vintage place she’d found, so I took a deep breath, stocked the car with some of my old designer clothes and unique thrift that I no longer needed or could wear, and headed out to Brooklyn for some upcycling purposes.  Look! Even the tree outside is stylishly decorated in vintage lace.


I may have parted ways with some of my old favorite pieces (let’s say a prayer in memory of Continue reading

Southern (Retail) Love – The Southern Curator

The Southern Curator in Town Center, Mt. Pleasant

The Southern Curator in Towne Centre, Mt. Pleasant

Cuteness, right?

Latest fav Charleston store that I adore, absolutely adore. Unfortunately (or fortunately, because I fear I would have bought them out of all their stock!), they were closed when we walked by one Saturday night. Even love the name – The Southern Curator.

Great gifts, recycled and vintage artifacts (if I remember correctly, there was the way coolest vintage tiny tricycle in the front – WANT!). Also yumbly candles, soaps and scents.

I hear from my shopping mall sources that this retail venue may be moving. Hope The Southern Curator finds footing somewhere just as accessible as Mount Pleasant’s Towne Centre!

‘Cuz, I will be there…this time when they’re open!

IMG_3402 IMG_3404 IMG_3405

Stiggly Holistics’ Sacha Jones is Out to Change the World – One Crinoline at a Time!

Sacha on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
To market, to market! Sacha Jones on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
I was tempted to open today’s post with a shot of a big, juicy greenie drink. You know the kind I like – the ones I love most are made with lots and lots of kale!

That’s ‘cuz (after a short hiatus, FashionWhirled’s Friday:5ive is ba-a-a-a-a-ck!) we’re featuring my favorite certified holistic wellness counselor, Sacha Jones. Sacha is the owner  Continue reading