Old Love. My Vintage Crush on Olive’s and Olaf’s Owner Jen McCulloch

Lately, I keep finding myself on Court Street near Carroll Gardens . Very chi chi and chock full of cool fashion finds. Especially this shop. One of my new fave places now is Jen McCulloch’s little gem of a shop, Olive’s Very Vintage, which has led me to be Very In Love with this lady and her Very Vintage aesthetic! What took me so long?! For weeks, my friend *m had been raving to me about this great little vintage place she’d found, so I took a deep breath, stocked the car with some of my old designer clothes and unique thrift that I no longer needed or could wear, and headed out to Brooklyn for some upcycling purposes.  Look! Even the tree outside is stylishly decorated in vintage lace.


I may have parted ways with some of my old favorite pieces (let’s say a prayer in memory of Continue reading