My Reset…on The Today Show!

I always loved playing the “so what did YOU do this summer?” game as a kid. It takes me back to back-to-school classes, seeing friends, shopping (because, fashion. It’s always all about the fashion, right?!), crisp fall days and that wistful feeling in the pit of your stomach when the last warm days wane and the darkness ebbs up closer and closer to dinner time.

This summer, I did some pretty spectacular things, if I do say so myself. For one thing, we traveled cross-country over the Fourth of July weekend towing an Airstream trailer that now resides up near our lake cabin. More about that later.

Airstreamin': heading out from Seattle at 3:30 a.m.

Airstreamin’: heading out from Seattle at 3:30 a.m.

Oh. And I was featured on The Today Show through my story that ran on The Reset. The Today Show producers picked up the article for a series about Starting Over, and a crew came and interviewed me at home (yes, I was up all that week at 4 a.m. cleaning my ass off before heading into the office!). Then they followed me to a yoga class (and yes, I don’t know why I wore my worst yoga clothes and sandals with holes under the zippers!). I mixed up one of my favorite kale greenies and toasted the camera. Life is beautiful! Please view the video here.

So, here’s to resetting. For a new season. For school (I’m starting yoga TT in October! YAY!). For your health. For your career (full discloser: I just quit my full-time corporate job and will be concentrating on the Collection 13 Jewelry business). For over and over again, if you need. That little — or big — reset button makes every day better, makes you the best person you can be and makes you realize that this thing called life is about practice, not perfection.

Here’s to Aging Gracefully & Gratefully.

Be Well,




Flaunting Perfect Jeans with Good Housekeeping Magazine Writer Lisa Marsh

What a way to start your day!

Cue scene!

Cue Hoda! Cut to Kathie Lee!

On the set of The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Thanks to the tenacity of writer and friend Lisa Marsh, whotried on 73 and 1/2 pairs (that’s right!) to find the perfect pair of jeans for her recent Good Housekeeping magazine article, and GH’s fashion director Jasmine Chang, who styled the four of us “real life” models, I got to parade my short stuff on national morning television wearing a pair of Talbots jeans.

20130312-160531.jpgThat’s Lucy Lic, Crystal Scott and Muna Hamouie with me, above, l-r, in The Green Room before our segment with Lisa, Hoda and Kathie Lee!

Au contraire, mon frere, you gasp? Mais non! The petite denim pants I rocked on the show were pretty, powerful and prestigious. Read: they looked upscale and dressy enough that I could see myself buying a pair of these dark “Heritage” label Talbots for any client meeting.

Since a buyout deal last May, Talbots has been turning out a new look for its ladies, trying to claim a new, hipper demographic. Hey! No more mom jeans now, Talbots is shooting for the cool kids in school who want the latest denim hotness. And guess what? I didn’t even have to hem them!


Lisa looking fierce for her Today Show teaser

Author and freelancer Lisa Marsh

A pensive Lisa

The Beautiful Lisa Marsh – Author, Journalist, Good Housekeeping’s Real Life Denim Expert!

Lisa holding the Good Housekeeping issue featuring her denim expert spread

Sighted: My beautiful friend, colleague, former Fairchild DNR alum, the lovely and talented Lisa Marsh made us so excited for her today in the tents as she shared with us her latest published work – her Good Housekeeping spread, where she models and “test runs” some nearly 75 pairs of jeans, giving readers her take on which pairs work…and which ones don’t.

Lisa and her Good Housekeeping denim spread! Get it on stands now!

I totally get the “love/hate relationship with jeans” that she describes in her article’s lead. Denim has often not been a friend of mine, either. Hello, thighs? Are you listening?! I thought I’d never find a pair of Levi’s to fit both my waist and my hips at the same time when I was young. But I really love that Lisa is letting real women in on the secrets to dressing in denim when you’re, well, a real woman. With a real body and real curves. Not one of these clothes hangers that we’ve become inured to during the past 8 days of New York Fashion Week!

More to come. Lisa will be appearing on The Today Show on March 12th as a follow up to the Good Housekeeping story and we will keep you posted.

Rock on, Ms. Marsh! We’ve got the DVR awaiting!