New Year, New York City — Theatrical Premiere of
“Men of the Cloth,” Vicki Vasilopoulos’ Directorial Debut

Vicki Vasilopoulos – journalist, colleague, friend, MensWearNetwork associate, Fairchild family member and now director/producer – kicked off the New Year the right way: with the New York City theatrical premiere of her documentary “Men of the Cloth,” which we attended this past Thursday night at the Village East Cinema on Second Avenue. This was my second time seeing the film, P’s first. Unfortunately, we missed the Q and A with the tailors and filmmakers after the sold out 7pm showing, but were able to catch Vicki’s directorial debut during the quickly-added 9:30 viewing.

Men of the Cloth

This nascent director took on the abbreviated audience after the second showing in a solo Q&A session, deftly and gracefully fielding questions about the business of fashion, female tailors (the world’s not quite there yet) and her first-ever custom-made suit (see her in that premiere, too, below). She said it felt like “wearing air.”IMG_2909

The film took Vicki 11 years to make, and culminated in tracing three master tailors — Italian Americans Nino Corvato and Joe Centofanti, and Brioni’s head tailor, the Italian Checchino Fonticoli — as they ply their trade amid the dying art of tailoring, creating made-to-measure suits for clients. There is a bright spot, though, — to both the craft and the movie — as new apprentices step into the mix and future schools for tailoring are discussed and planned.IMG_2899 2

I definitely place it on the list of must-sees, especially for anyone in the menswear industry or for those with a passion for custom-made clothing. So catch it if you can. Upcoming screenings are schedule in Long Island this Wednesday and in Westchester on the 25th of January. Of course, you can always buy the DVD and create your own screening. Visit her website link here to purchase.

Men of the Cloth



Produced and Directed by Vicki Vasilopoulos

Edited by Sandrine Isambert

Assistant editors: AJ Gesualdo, Jason Sacharoff

Filmed by David Gaynes, Andrew David Watson, Christian Jacks

Original Music by Chris Hajian

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It’s a moving look at the endangered art of fine Italian tailoring, honoring the legacy of three of the Italian masters. As VV words it:  “It’s a life-affirming film that illustrates what it means to find your true calling despite the odds.”

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MEN OF THE CLOTH honors the legacy of three Italian master tailors whose passion and dedication is an inspiration to us all. It’s a life-affirming film that illustrates what it means to Continue reading