PureThread: Find Pure Luxury with an Ethical Focus

I feel like wearing this today. Long. Warm. Covering. Cozy. And consciously produced. I need to feel protected, covered up, yet know that what I’m wearing is good for the world, the planet, the makers, the workers. It would be like being wrapped up with a security blankie today that embraces all that’s good in fashion!

If you, too, are feeling same, you need to get out to Bedford for Jill Heller’s PureThread pop up shop (see details below), happening now through the 26th of this month. The fashions are organic, sustainably-crafted, ethically-conscious, beautiful and luxurious. Oh. And there’s jewelry and skin care there, as well.

Have fun. And know that even if you feel like you’re being bad — buying tons of beautiful fashions that you don’t need to save for a rainy day since it’s already here — you’re doing good.

Pure Thread Pop Up Shop

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Southern (Retail) Love – The Southern Curator

The Southern Curator in Town Center, Mt. Pleasant

The Southern Curator in Towne Centre, Mt. Pleasant

Cuteness, right?

Latest fav Charleston store that I adore, absolutely adore. Unfortunately (or fortunately, because I fear I would have bought them out of all their stock!), they were closed when we walked by one Saturday night. Even love the name – The Southern Curator.

Great gifts, recycled and vintage artifacts (if I remember correctly, there was the way coolest vintage tiny tricycle in the front – WANT!). Also yumbly candles, soaps and scents.

I hear from my shopping mall sources that this retail venue may be moving. Hope The Southern Curator finds footing somewhere just as accessible as Mount Pleasant’s Towne Centre!

‘Cuz, I will be there…this time when they’re open!

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