Tresemmé to the Tresses Rescue at New York Fashion Week

Having a bad hair day at the tents? With all the snow that’s predicted for tomorrow through Saturday, you just may end up with sloshy hat head before you even hit your front row seat.

Tresemmé and Style Network boutiques  at Lincoln Center MBFW tents

Thank God Tresemmé is onsite, at the ready with stylists to assist and gorgeify you at their booth in the main lobby. Just sign up downstairs, step up to their 2nd story “salon” and become beautiful! And it’s not just for ladies. Our man Michael became a sought-after bloggers’ photo delight with his soigne´ slicked-back ‘do.

Michael Arguello

Tresemmé stylist Katie working her magic on me

My tresses by TRESemmébelow, thanks to the lovely Katie and her talented styling techniques that made me look like a million bucks today at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 1.

Me with my lovely new wavy tresses, back on deadline, after a day at the tents!