Interior Designer Michael Arguello’s FWFash/Hi:5

Dashing. Dapper. Adorable. A truly artistic + sweetly well-mannered gentleman.

Michael Arguello, interior designer

Interior designer Michael Arguello stepped into our sights via our mutual friend and colleague, Tom Julian, at the NYC Internet Week about a year ago. I fall more in love with him every time I get the chance to catch up with him! Luckily, I get to run into him at many menswear industry events, fashion shows, and occasionally, I even get to have tea with him in SoHo! He has amazing style and always looks so debonair. But the best part of Michael’s style is his sweet nature, effervescent compliments and honest interest he shows during conversation. I will stake my reputation on it, this man’s a real gentleman.

We hope you appreciate his take on style and fashion as much as we do. We’re celebrating Michael as the first feature in FashionWhirled’s newly tweaked, inaugural FWFash/Hi:5 feature of 2013. Please, read on!

Michael Arguello with Mary Ellen Barone, Mike Crooks and me

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Photographer Robb Kendrick’s Cowboy Classics at Ralph Lauren RRL

Tintype Expert, Photographer Robb Kendrick

I swear, I’m movin’ to Montana soon. Gonna be a dental floss tycoon. Well, that’s “Montana,” according to Frank Zappa.

But seriously. I’ve never seen so many chic cowboys as I did at last week’s book signing party for photographer Robb Kendrick. The Ralph Lauren RRL boutique on West Broadway became the crossroads of Chelsea gallery walk meets Madison Avenue meets Bad Dog Ranch. The ultra-talented artist, above, looked like a gentleman cattle baron version of one of his gussied-up cowpoke subjects straight out of Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century, Robb’s tintype artwork photography book featuring the modern American cowboy. These cowboys were all Continue reading