Our Friday:5ive: the Stylish Michael Crooks

One of the nicest gents I’ve met in my many recent menswear sojourns out and about, from our MensWearNetwork gatherings to AskMen Academy evenings, Mike Crooks is the real dapper deal. Hailing from Atlanta – yes, he’s got that Southern Charm, alright – Mike is as sweet as he is fashionable. FashionWhirled was able to nail him down for his astute and educated take on stylish dressing, his haberdashery choices and, naturally, his unique way of rocking a bow tie and no socks.

FashionWhirled:   What role does fashion and style play in your everyday personal life? You are one sharply dressed dude; what is your creative process for dressing everyday? For dressing for a special occasion?

Mike with Michael Arguella and me

Michael Crooks:  This answer has probably been recycled more than once, but for me, style is more important than fashion. Fashion denotes a current trend Continue reading