The Green Beauty of Soul-Healing Scentuality:
Jiva-Apoha at CAP Beauty

Summertime. There isn’t a better season to try out beautiful, natural, green beauty body oils. Your tanned, element-battered skin is probably screaming out for some organic, green love moisturizing right about now, the kind that is made right, smells amazing and works for you on multiple levels, including spiritually as well as physically. Jiva-Apoha at CAP Beauty For me, that natural treatment comes from  Continue reading

Jiva-Apoha Founder Angela Shore Gives us a Friday:5ive

You’ve heard us gush over Angela Shore before, here on FashionWhirled. Both she and her amazing Jiva-Apoha line of natural beauty and health products – fabulously scented, organic moisturizing oils, for face, for body – are the real deal. Down to earth. Naturally based. Grounded in the right stuff. Full of light + life. Spiritual + loving. Beautiful.

Thank goodness we’ve gotten the opportunity to gush about her again! Yes, we’ve gotten the “High 5” from her: she’s today’s  Friday:5ive feature. Please read on and be illuminated. We certainly were!

Angela Shore Photo by Liz Von Hoene

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