CSI: Collection 13 Jewelry

Criminal minds think alike.

“Crime Scene Investigators” Ashley Dingess and Celine Griscom, photographer and stylist, respectively, collaborated for this amazing shoot of my Collection 13 Jewelry, coming soon to the new website.


Accepting private orders now at kim@fashionwhirled. Or visit us on the ‘gram @Collection13Jewelry.

Go ahead. You can solve this one.

Photos by Ashley Dingess || Styled by Celine Griscom || © Copyright 2015 Collection 13 Jewelry by Kimberly Cihlar


© Copyright 2016 Collection 13 Jewelry designs by Kimberly Cihlar




© Copyright 2016 Collection 13 Jewelry designs by Kimberly Cihlar








© Copyright 2016 Collection 13 Jewelry designs by Kimberly Cihlar





NYNow Winter 2015 — Over! I’m crying….

I am crying, CRYING that I wasn’t able to attend the Winter 2015 season of this, my favorite, favorite — did I say FAVORITE — trade show of all time?! And believe me, it wasn’t because of the messy snow storm (was it Juno?! I can’t even remember at this point!) that I couldn’t make it out.

I’ve been busy prepping all week for a super important retail meeting today (fingers crosse, and hope I’ll be able to post about it soon), so even though my heart was at the Javits Center the past couple of days, my body wasn’t able to make the trek.

NYNow Winter 2015Missing my girls Tam Tran from Lost Wax Studio, Teresa Kahres of T. Kahres Jewelry, Akiko et Atsuyo, Polly Wales (who’s producing something quite different this season – her second little one!), Miss Ellie, Coral & Tusk, Tracey Tanner, Swallow, Jen Goff of Takara Design, Julie Nolan, Lauren Wolf and Mujus, to name a few. And I can’t leave out the guys – Dana Glaeser’s handcrafted leather accessories at Slightly Alabama.

Hope you all had a fabulous show! See ya next season, when a NYC snow storm won’t interrupt your flow of business and you’ll be surrounded by warm juju days.



Style Sightings: Capsule Women’s Show SS15

Fashion Week may have jetted off to London last Friday en masse, but there were still style and fashion shows to be seen around the city. Take this past weekend’s Capsule Show down at Basketball City. Love handmade, handcrafted, environmentally-sourced and beautiful things? Check, check, check and CHECK! It was all to be found down off South Street. This season marks the last for Capsule at its Lower East Side location, where it has been based since 2007. Next time, find Capsule on West 22nd Street — Center 548, the former home of the DIA Center — a venue that may be a bit easier to get to during trade show time.

Meanwhile, I’m glad I trekked down this past Saturday in the rain! Take a look at some of the lovely stand-out pieces from the Spring/Summer 2015 clothing collections of Loup Charmant, Milena Silvano, Nancy Stella Soto, Voz and Delphine, as well as sandals and bags from Waltzing Matilda and Proud Mary, jewelry from Kria and Deborah Rice, among others:

Loup Charmant

New details and accessories that includes a collaboration with Artemas Quibble graced Loup Charmant’s ever-growing loveliness

Nancy Stella SotoCut outs, organza and layers were enticing elements at Nancy Stella Soto

Milena Silvano

Handmade, textile-driven, often hand-dyed – all terms crucial to Milena Silvano


The softest cotton’s at Voz, where Jasmine Aarons creates “with love in Chile and New York”


Duo, the East Village boutique founded by sisters Wendy and LaRae Kangas, showed at Capsule for the first time in the Cash & Carry section, meaning you could walk out wearing (and owning!) these beauts

Waltzing Mathilda

Navy is the new hit for handmade slip-ons at Waltzing Matilda, the Philly-based leather collection of recycled bags, clutches, shoes

Waltzing Mathilda

Waltzing Matilda

Proud Mary

Charleston-based Harper Poe, designer of Proud Mary, with Peruvian-sourced fabric clutches, above, and leather backpack, below, that was crafted in Paraguay

Proud Mary

Proud Mary

Ilana Kohn

The comfy-est looking indigo linen romper from Ilana Kohn


Organic and natural-based fish mouth bracelet by Kria designer/founder Jóhanna Methúsalemsdóttir

Jené Despain

Love the ring/bracelet from Jené Despain


Surrealist stylings by Youser


Dream catchers from Torchlight

Mara and Mine

So cute and comfy! Mara and Mine

Deborah Rice

The tiniest baby seed beads create an offering of coloring and perfection at jewelry designer Deborah Rice, whose gorgeousness is handmade in Brooklyn

(NY)Now — Home, Happy + Here:
Part 3, Personal Accessories

The stylin’ life doesn’t get any better than this.

Home, happy and here – at the “Personal Accessories” section of  “NY NOW, the Market for Home+Lifestyle.” Personal Accessories, however, doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Me? I’d rename the section “Amazing Creative Creations, Born of Love, Passion and Talent.”

Yes, jewelry is a huge and my favorite part of this section (what? how are you surprised by that? y’all know what jewelry means to me!), but my biggest take-away from this show was the leather goods at Dana Glaeser’s Slightly Alabama booth. Dana’s collection of leather accessories is crafted in America, made by hand with the “artistry of traditional leatherwork,” just under a year old and named for the Deep Southern roots that ground this transplanted New Yorker.

Designer Dana Glaeser

Maker Dana Glaeser

Initially, I was drawn to his booth by the lovely, personal, handwritten note he sent inviting me to visit the debut of his brand at NY NOW. He was so real and personable, just as nice and polite as his etiquette-correct card. Great story, too. Started his company last October, quit his day job as VP marketing for an insurance company in November, launched the e-commerce website in December and was picked by Daily Candy as a “find” this past February. The rest, as they say, is history. And, now, here he stood before me, speaking to me about his spectacular wine totes, Dublin Tote bags, iPad cases and key fobs. Now I realize I will have to own one of his tote bags, stat. Of course, I loved his booth, too, merchandised as it was with this vintage Underwood.

Slightly Alabama

± Slightly Alabama±

Slightly Alabama

Slightly Alabama

Slightly Alabama2

Slightly Alabama

My afternoon at PA was filled with serendipitous moments. As I chatted with the lovely Austinites working the Leighelena collection of cool enamel and leather bands created by artisan Leigh Elena Navarro, below, they complimented me on my jeweled “hand” ring. Now, I have been mad about this ring that I purchased from Amanda at her East Village Dusty Buttons boutique a couple months ago. The story is that the designer cast it from one of her child’s action hero doll’s hands (see photo after Leighelena’s bands). I said, “Oh, can you read the name? The designer is Emmie or Ellie or something.” The girls in the booth were like, “Miss Ellie! But you know she’s just across the aisle from us, right?!”

Wha?!! I ran over, wielding ring in hand like a shield. Excitement and mutual love ensued.

Miss Ellie

My Miss Ellie ring

Anyway, so not only was the ring cast from an action hero doll’s hand that belonged to her child, but it was an action hero doll belonging to her five-year-old DAUGHTER, Charlotte, who happens to like to play with action heros. Of course! While it seemed the story around my ring couldn’t, it just got even better. Miss Ellie, who’s real name is Ellie Mathias, works out of an old Victorian home at the Jersey shore and casts the most amazing baroque, romantic and over-the-top jewelry, from rings and necklaces to hair accessories, all made in New York City by American workers. She intersperses vintage filagree with old stock and new brass for unique, limited edition work. Be still, my beating heart!

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

A new favorite is born. But let’s not forget the other designers I’ve met over the past year who continue to hold a special place in my heart. Case in point, Teresa Kahres, whose t.kahres collection I love, cherish and covet. Teresa makes brilliant fine jewelry inspired by her travels and love of the outdoors. Her razor rings and earrings are often studded and embellished with the spark of a tiny diamond. Her new focus this season? Bridal. And her stunning rings are pure gorgeousness, so if wedding bells are in the offing…. Then, too, I fell in love with the oxidized sterling of the necklaces cast from fish spines — yes! fish spines — giving an exotic spiny organic quality to the necklaces, below. Another plus: Teresa is stocked at one of my favorite special go-to gift places, Still House, owned by Urte Tylaite, just down the block from me. I think tiny razor earrings may be beckoning me.







Of course I had to catch up with Julie Nolan, the Massachusetts-based artist whose delicate mobiles from last season have evolved to this variant, below. This season Julie’s touching on moonstone as her favorite gemstone. We love it, too! Looks amazing in her sweet gold cuff.

Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan

Austin-based Christina Fail, unfortunately, wasn’t in her booth when we passed by the other day. But perhaps when I’m in Austin in October, I can track her down at her studio. Anyway, we love, adore, cherish her delicate mobiles and had to give them – and their creator – a shout out.



Of course, what NY NOW show could be complete without a visit with the talented Tam Tran, one of my most adored jewelry creators and co-founder of Lost Wax Studio. LWS, where I’ve taken a couple workshops and no doubt will be back for more, promotes an amazing range of artists’ work, from the baroque pearl and stone necklaces of Lauren Bergman to the hand-forged gem-embracing pods of Tracy Hutt to the delicate emerald and sterling or yoga-inspired gold statement cuffs of Amy Pivar. Immediately below, a labradorite necklace from Tam.

Lost Wax

Tam Tran’s labradorite jeweled necklace for Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax

Amy Pivar at Lost Wax Studio

Tracy Hutt for Lost Wax Studio

Tracy Hutt for Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax Studio

Lauren Bergman at Lost Wax Studio


Lost Wax Studio – Making Stacks and Stacks of Stackable Rings

Ready to get a little DIY with some stackable rings? If you’re lusting for control of your own bling destiny, fantasizing about wearing your own creations, jonesing for a little quality girls’ hang time learning something new together or just dreaming of being a jewelry artist, join one of one of the creatively constructive jewelry-making workshops at the ultra-cool Nolita-based jewelry boutique/interactive design studio of Lost Wax Studio — where you’ll take hammer to metal, flame to solder and leave swathed in stacks and stacks of stackable rings.

Lost Wax Studio

We got a lot of this on Saturday. “What’s going on here? Are things for sale?” Ring making. And yes.

This past Saturday, I entered a new stage of jewelry-making myself, thanks to LWS co-owner and founder Tam Tran, who kindly invited me to join a new crew of artistic ring bearers during her most recent “intro to working with metals + making stack rings” workshop. A bit before the 11 a.m. start time, Caitlin, Allison, Stephanie, Allie and I all gathered at the Elizabeth Street venue, ready to hit the bench. Given a cardboard bowl for our rings-in-the-rough, a piece of cooper and a piece of silver wire, and with a slew of hand tools before us, we let Tam and her adroit team Diana and Hannah, working designers themselves, instruct and guide us in the fine art of wire-wrapping, sizing, hammering, soldering, filing, oxidizing and polishing. After 3 hours of detailed work (thank god for reading glasses!), we put a ring on it. Stacks of rings, to be precise.

If your own rings aren’t enough for you, shop the vibrant vignettes throughout the store housing the most exquisite renderings of exclusive creative expression from local artisans. And then peruse LWS’s calendar for other ‘shops, like stringing + knotting, leather wrap bracelets, wire wrapping and gemstone ring-making or bezel stone setting. Great as gift certificates, too!

Now, excuse me while I get lost in my stacks. It’s a ring thing.

Lost Wax Studios

Tam showing Alison the finer points of cutting the rings off the wrap.

Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax Studio

Stephanie checking out her new creations with Tam and Allie

Lost Wax Studio


Lost Wax Studio

Lost Wax Studio

Rings. Made.

Lost Wax Sudio

In progess

Exclusive Luxury Digs in Palm Beach:
Collection 13 at the Jennifer Miller Boutique

Anyone vacationing in Palm Beach right now, sipping an espresso by the pool at The Breakers, sunning and swimming beachside, or perusing the beautiful luxuriousness of Worth Avenue?!

Worth Avenue Shopping in Palm Beach

Worth Avenue Shopping on via Mizner in Palm Beach

Well, then, hie thee to the Jennifer Miller Boutique at 5 via Mizner, nestled within one of the adorable “alleyways” of Worth Avenue, part of Palm Beach’s luxury shopping spectacularness. And while there, invest in one of my Collection 13 railroad spike cuffs, being sold exclusively at the Jennifer Miller Palm Beach boutique. Only two are available in shop now, so I recommend running, not walking. Or, really, just strolling leisurely while taking in the loveliness of one of the top shopping destinations in the world.

Jennifer Miller Palm Beach boutique on via Mizner

Jennifer Miller’s beautiful Palm Beach boutique on via Mizner

via Mizner, just off Worth Avenue

Captivating setting of via Mizner, off Worth Avenue

Brass FashionWhirled Railroad Spike Cuff from Collection 13

The Collection 13 brass railroad spike cuff, exclusively at Jennifer Miller Palm Beach

Jennifer Miller Boutique Palm Beach

The gorgeous window at the Jennifer Miller Boutique, Palm Beach

Gucci Palm Beach

Gucci standing guard at the top of Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

The humor and beauty of Worth Avenue, Palm Beach’s luxury shopping destination


NYNow Round Up: Think Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Love a convention center show that feeds my every desire. Directional trends everywhere and I never even made it into the main home decor hall! Here, just a smattering of the jewelry, accessories and home designs I fell in love with at the NYNow show at the Javits Center this week. I’m sure you’ll find pieces you absolutely must have, too. Check out these designers wares and websites. Then tell your honey which piece to buy you for Valentine’s Day!

Coral & Tusk: Always a favorite of mine, designer Stephanie Housley manifests her amazing imagination and crafty creativity in the most adorable embroidered pillows and home décor items. New this show were the canoes that coordinated with her Teepee Villages, penguins on pillows and Native American-inspired embroidered totes.Coral and Tusk Coral & Tusk

Julie Nolan: This former makeup artist worked a lot with makeup great Pat McGrath. Now she has her own jewelry collection, has left the confines of Manhattan for the spaciousness of Massachusetts and uses the powers of crystals to create energy-moving mobiles. Her metal working is gorgeous, too, with chain tassel pendants falling from necklaces and substantial balls accenting cuffs.

Julie Nolan Julie Nolan IMG_5767

Fail: Hailing from Austin, Texas, Christine Fail is a metal smithing success. Her horseshoe bracelets and necklaces are charming and lucky. Her ‘smithed wall hangings are gorgeous renditions of a bejeweled dream catcher or metaled tapestry.




Mujus: The name means “seed” in Quechuan, the native language of Peru, and all these striking, sustainable accessories are made from some type of Amazonian seeds.. Designer Paola Delgado worked on Wall Street before returning to her Peruvian roots to design jewelry using Tagua, seeds from a palm tree that are harvested after they have fallen to the ground. Açai seeds are another favorite design material. No two seeds are alike, so each Mujus piece is unique. Paola injects her infectious personality into the collection with vibrant colors and unusual renderings. Love that XO bracelet!


Mujus IMG_5780 IMG_5785

Lost Wax Studio: Tam Tran’s handcrafted metal smithing collection was just one of the artists’ works we got to see at her booth and that she supports at her Nolita boutique/showroo/workspace. Tam also conducts jewelry workshops. But not only just wrap and bead seminars. Full on metal smithing teachings, where all the materials are provided and you take home your own creation. Check out her website for class schedules. I know I’m going to hit one (or two!).


Riverstone: Jill Scholsohn melds the artifacts, amulets and spiritual beads she finds from her former travels to create the beautiful pieces of Riverstone. Her jewelry venture was created after meeting her partner and husband while taking kayaking lessons in Cornwall, CT. The rest is history! 22k gold plated bars complete the turquoise or lapis bead work for these exquisite bracelets, below.IMG_5773

Jo Handbags: Formed by a trilogy of friends – Delia Kosowicz, Dee Arguelles and Wendi VanHorn – with backgrounds in advertising, interior and fashion design fueled by a love for vintage leathers, Jo Handbags caught my eye. Vintage leathers. Right there, they had me.

Jo Handbags


Lauren Wolf Jewelry: Nice ice, baby. Lauren Wolf designs unique, one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by her travel, her work in Mexico and a love for all things bling. My favorite pieces were created around the chunks of stone (there are diamonds, too) as well as the horns.

Lauren Wolf Jewelry


Lauren Wolf Jewelry

 T. Kahres: Brooklyn-based Teresa Kahres has a nature-oriented, delicate sensibility to her metal smithing, treating each piece of jewelry like its own work of art. Look for her lovelies at the East Village shop Still House. Gotta love the top knuckle rings (dear to my own heart!). And those sea horses?! Giddy up!

Lauren Wolf Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry: Based in San Diego, this laser-cut jewelry is certainly unique and unusual. Made from renewable, recyclable materials, with workable, moveable parts, necklaces turn into modern day steam punk statement pendants while earrings turn into little stories hanging from your ears.

Green Tree Jewelry

Hinting Up the Hubby for a Polly Wales Eternity Ring


Grey Diamond Stack

Grey Diamond Stack. Photo from PollyWales.com

I’ve been hinting to P for several years that this time would come. That the 10 years marking our being married would result in the need for one (okay, two would do. yeah, two would be great…) eternity bands. Now, I’m not going to be picky. Any of the grey diamond rings on the stackable bunch above would do.

And when you say “stackable rings” – well, now this is what I’m talkin’ about. Polly Wales. She makes the most magnificent diamond and precious stone handcrafted jewelry. A collection of what she calls “eroded” diamond rings that look organically manifested. Rings fit for a queen or empress. Necklaces that are beyond the pale. And know what else? She’s the nicest, award-winning lady ever! I met Polly last NYNow show through my dear friend k who just got her own two Polly stackables this past week. Abundance, baby. Yes, that’s definitely what I’m talkin’ about!


Five grey diamonds...one for every finger!

Five grey diamonds…one for every finger! Photo from PollyWales.com

Luckily, I was able to see Polly again yesterday at the current NYNow show at the Javits Center. This amazing artist flies in from her native London, England and lets poor slobbering diamond-addled fools like me play with her divine jewels. You can see one of her gorgeous creations on my finger below, although the pic (not to mention my hand!) doesn’t do this beauty any justice.

Polly Wales Handcrafed Jewellry

Get Gifting! Meet Designer Olga Viakhireva and
Glam On with her O’La Vi Bohemian Jewelry

Lots going on this Saturday if you’re holiday gift shopping. Of course, I’ll be at d.b.a. for the 9th Annual Hand-Made Gifts & Craft Holiday Fair, from 2-9, with my artisanal jewelry and vintage quilts and rugs, ensconced in the covered, heated courtyard along with Sacha’s Stiggly’s General Store body products, Maria’s Hindu Deity candles, Painter Girl Chocolates and many more fun giftie ideas!

Designer Olga Viakhireva and her O'La Vi Charm Bracelets

Designer Olga Viakhireva and her O’La Vi jewelry collection

Add to your list of East Village must-sees this weekend my friend and colleague, designer Olga Viakhireva, who will be displaying her elegant and delicate Bohemian Bodywear jewelry, a

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