A Liebeskind Kind of Christmas!

This might become dangerous — the combo of my latest new addiction to Berlin-based Liebeskind bags and their precariously close proximity at Lafayette and Prince Streets!

It's going to be a Liebeskind kind of Christmas!

It’s going to be a Liebeskind kind of Christmas!

Already at our house this holiday season, it’s looking a lot like a Liebeskind kind of Christmas. Just check out that big, beautiful bag, above.

My amazing new friend Nathalie, who recently took over as President of Liebeskind’s North American arm, turned me on to the lovely leather treats. And I haven’t looked back yet.

The Kara Black bag

The Kara Black bag

It’s quite fitting that Liebeskind means “love child” in German. I have already purchased a bag for P to give me for Christmas (the camouflage laptop bag that’s residing in the big, beautiful gift bag, above). I got the adorable triple zippered black Kara bag to gift to my mama (shhhhh!!! don’t tell her!). Then, I had to have one for myself. There. I am now the mother of two very beloved love children!

I highly recommend you head down to 270 Lafayette to do  a little holiday shopping for yourself (many are on sale, too). After all…think of the (love) children!

Liebeskind NYC Flagship Store

Liebeskind NYC flagship on Lafayette Street – the site of my latest new handbag addiction!

The gorgeous interior of the Liebeskind NYC shop

The gorgeous interior of the Liebeskind NYC shop

Holiday Shopping at Urban Zen Marketplace:
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Dream luxuriously. Shop locally. Give back globally.

Donna Karan

Designer Donna Karan at the newly-launched Urban Zen Marketplace, wrapped in her very favorite accessory – a long puffy suede/cashmere scarf that, she says, because she travels so much, is “the most important piece to own. It’s a pillow, a wrap,a shawl with a pocket.”

Urban Zen MarketplaceThat was the message last week from designer Donna Karan, above, as she guided a handful of Continue reading

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Philippo and I partaking with the ghosts of Christmas Past at James LaForce, Stephen Henderson + Fernando Santagelo’s Season’s Screamings holiday party at 5 Beekman Street

We hope, Dear Reader, that you’ve had a wonderful holiday season, and that you’ll bear with us as FashionWhirled undergoes a bit of a rethink, rework + redesign for 2013.

In the meantime, here’s to a Happy New Year filled with fashion, fun + fabulousness!

hugz + smooches!

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