That’s Madame #ResetYour Ambassador to you!
This is mine! What’s YOUR Reset?

I couldn’t feel more honored or appreciated…. Guess who’s #ResetYour Ambassador over at The/Reset today?!  Me! And, yes, that’s me, below, SUPing on my head. There was a lot of resetting going on before I got to that point in that picture and to where I am today, even since writing that post. As part of the body positivity wellness movement, I still have a lot to accomplish and a long way to go. But maybe I can help inspire just one person to take similar steps. Please have a read here. Dive in, the water’s warm.

Me! #ResetYour Ambassador of the Day!

Me! #ResetYour Ambassador of the Day!

My dear friend Lisa Marsh is part of the start up over there at The/Reset, the new site launched recently by founder Maria Peevey. The #ResetYour stories are awesome and inspirational. Lisa’s put together a great group of writers and cheeky stories. And starting to trickle in, fashion for sale. Yup. Ultimately, The/Reset will be “resetting” your closet. Check it here.

Happy paddling! What will #ResetYour__________?


Stiggly Holistics’ Sacha Jones is Out to Change the World – One Crinoline at a Time!

Sacha on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
To market, to market! Sacha Jones on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
I was tempted to open today’s post with a shot of a big, juicy greenie drink. You know the kind I like – the ones I love most are made with lots and lots of kale!

That’s ‘cuz (after a short hiatus, FashionWhirled’s Friday:5ive is ba-a-a-a-a-ck!) we’re featuring my favorite certified holistic wellness counselor, Sacha Jones. Sacha is the owner  Continue reading