A Liebeskind Kind of Christmas!

This might become dangerous — the combo of my latest new addiction to Berlin-based Liebeskind bags and their precariously close proximity at Lafayette and Prince Streets!

It's going to be a Liebeskind kind of Christmas!

It’s going to be a Liebeskind kind of Christmas!

Already at our house this holiday season, it’s looking a lot like a Liebeskind kind of Christmas. Just check out that big, beautiful bag, above.

My amazing new friend Nathalie, who recently took over as President of Liebeskind’s North American arm, turned me on to the lovely leather treats. And I haven’t looked back yet.

The Kara Black bag

The Kara Black bag

It’s quite fitting that Liebeskind means “love child” in German. I have already purchased a bag for P to give me for Christmas (the camouflage laptop bag that’s residing in the big, beautiful gift bag, above). I got the adorable triple zippered black Kara bag to gift to my mama (shhhhh!!! don’t tell her!). Then, I had to have one for myself. There. I am now the mother of two very beloved love children!

I highly recommend you head down to 270 Lafayette to do  a little holiday shopping for yourself (many are on sale, too). After all…think of the (love) children!

Liebeskind NYC Flagship Store

Liebeskind NYC flagship on Lafayette Street – the site of my latest new handbag addiction!

The gorgeous interior of the Liebeskind NYC shop

The gorgeous interior of the Liebeskind NYC shop

Stalking the Sheared Mongolian Lamb Bags from Iris Apfel’s “Extinctions” Collection at Loehmann’s

Fashion icon Iris Apfel is no dodo.

Iris Apfel

Although her year-old handbag collection is called “Extinctions by Iris Apfel” – a play on the 92-year-old’s age, the term “distinctions,” with the branded horn-like dodo logo fob attached to each style – the “Rare Bird of Fashion,” as this style fixture is known, has smartly set her sites on a youthful customer with leather, calf hair, snakeskin and Mongolian lamb bags in a range of silhouettes colored in saturated hues like orange, cobalt and garnet, with black a staple, of course, as well as a deep Kelly green.

At a personal appearance last week kicking off the Chelsea Loehmann’s “Girls Night Out,” week of family and friends’ discounts, the former interior designer autographed the signature turquoise linings of a select number of “Extinctions” bags being bought as holiday gifts, as well as those for individual use. The inimitable Iris, dressed in black and white styled with her signature oversized accessories, wore the long black Mongolian cross-body style, which doubled as a boa slung across her neck. A Kelly green was snagged by our friend, Donna, who looked born to carry the bag. With prices from $199-$249 (normally $370-$640 at Bendel’s and other retail venues) available for a further 25% off during Friends & Family discount week (now through December 11th), you’d be a dodo not to get Santa to Loehmann’s now!


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