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My Reset…on The Today Show!

I always loved playing the “so what did YOU do this summer?” game as a kid. It takes me back to back-to-school classes, seeing friends, shopping (because, fashion. It’s always all about the fashion, right?!), crisp fall days and that wistful feeling in the pit of your stomach when the last warm days wane and the darkness ebbs up closer and closer to dinner time.

This summer, I did some pretty spectacular things, if I do say so myself. For one thing, we traveled cross-country over the Fourth of July weekend towing an Airstream trailer that now resides up near our lake cabin. More about that later.

Airstreamin': heading out from Seattle at 3:30 a.m.

Airstreamin': heading out from Seattle at 3:30 a.m.

Oh. And I was featured on The Today Show through my story that ran on The Reset. The Today Show producers picked up the article for a series about Starting Over, and a crew came and interviewed me at home (yes, I was up all that week at 4 a.m. cleaning my ass off before heading into the office!). Then they followed me to a yoga class (and yes, I don’t know why I wore my worst yoga clothes and sandals with holes under the zippers!). I mixed up one of my favorite kale greenies and toasted the camera. Life is beautiful! Please view the video here.

So, here’s to resetting. For a new season. For school (I’m starting yoga TT in October! YAY!). For your health. For your career (full discloser: I just quit my full-time corporate job and will be concentrating on the Collection 13 Jewelry business). For over and over again, if you need. That little — or big — reset button makes every day better, makes you the best person you can be and makes you realize that this thing called life is about practice, not perfection.

Here’s to Aging Gracefully & Gratefully.

Be Well,




Who Wears Short Shorts?! NextTribe and I, That’s Who!

Shorts story made shorter…don’t be afraid to show some skin this summer! Have a read of my latest story up on NextTribe. Because a gal’s gams become her BFFs when transitioning from the hot pants of her youth to the haute pants of this season. Just pull on a pair of dressy shorts, don a pair of {comfy} heels and make for the office like a beautiful busy bee. You’ve got this!

Denim jeans shorts, like cut offs, but better!

Denim jeans shorts, like cut offs, but better!

I love being part of this Tribe! You will, too. Click through and subscribe for more relevant writing.


What’s Next: Yoga Pants 24/7!


Sun salutations to my dear friend Jeannie Ralston, who has just launched www.NextTribe.com with her business partner, Lori Seekatz. Trust me, NextTribe is a must-read, must-follow website for women everywhere. I’ve made it easy for you: click to sign up!

kim yoga beach

Yes, that's me, in tree pose on Pawley's Island.

It’s especially meant for women Continue reading

Haute Summer Cocktails: MensWearNetwork July 2016

It was the hottest day of the summer until the heavens opened up with a monsoon just as the MensWearNetwork group was set to descend upon The Lambs Club’s second floor bar at The Chatwal.

But the interior of The Club prevailed cool, serene and packed with just the right proportion of menswear industry members, including newcomers like menswear legend Alan Flusser, there for our July event to catch up after last week’s New York Men’s Day and NYFW:M menswear shows and this week’s Project, Capsule and MRket trade shows.MensWearNetwork July 2016

Other industry gurus gracing the group with their presence included Continue reading

Another Feather in Harold Koda’s Fashion Hat:
Pratt Institute Bestows Lifetime Achievement Award
on Former Costume Institute Curator

What’s not to love about Harold Koda? As former curator of The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and some of the most exquisite exhibits ever experienced — Dangerous Liaisons (one of his faves), Charles James: Beyond Fashion (one of my faves) and Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, he’s a humorous, humble soul who loves the collaborative process. After all, his career at the Met has involved working with people like Diane Vreeland and Anna Wintour. He also gives the most flattering compliments (I was completely honored and floored by his favorable attention to my Collection 13 bone pendant!).


Award presentation from good friend Simon Doonan

Award presentation from good friend Simon Doonan

Koda’s dear friend Simon Doonan presented the iconic fashion intellectual with the Pratt Institute’s Lifetime Achievement award this past Thursday night, after the school’s Class of 2016 fashion show. Honestly, I was blown away by the students’ runway presentation, which included some of the most creative and talented student fashion moments I’ve had the opportunity to view. Seriously.

Fashion Whirled Contributing Fashion Editor and colleague Olga Vi was able to catch up with Mr. Koda prior to the awards step-and-repeat, where she learned Continue reading

It’s A Wrap! The Main Trend at NYFW:M Autumn Winter 2016

It’s all about that wrap, as this past week’s menswear designers showing at New York Fashion Week: Men’s proved.

It seemed like NYFW:M’s saw a poncho, cloak, serape, mantelet, shawl or long, long, wide scarf draped ever-so-correctly around one’s shoulders at almost every collection. There was even a super model’s super hero cape, as in the case of the extended, destroyed Hero Hoodie the inimitable Tyson Beckford rocked front and center at designer Greg Lauren’s Autumn/Winter 2016 presentation at ArtBeam Studio Wednesday night.

Here, a Fashion Whirled recap.

Super model Tyson Beckford at Greg Lauren AW16

At Greg Lauren, above and below.

Greg Lauren AW16Brett Johnson

At Brett Johnson.Nick Graham aw16

At Nick Graham.ç


At CWST, above and below.


Garciavelez poncho

At Garciavelez.

Ricardo Seco sarapes

At Ricardo Seco.

PLAC scarfAt PLAC.

Let the Fall Shopping BEGIN! Workin’ on
the Love Gang, the cool new EV boutique

Yep. This happened.

Love Gang East Village

Not that I bought both of them, mind you. But the one at the top definitely found it’s way to my closet. Crafted from vintage leather motorcycle jackets, designed by Matiere de Reflexion, carried at the East 9th Street fashion shop, Love Gang NYC.

I LOVE the Love Gang,  the space initially devoted to Devorado, owner Carmen Ruiz’s former vintage style maven haven. Carmen, with shop partner Cara Bloch, ensures that Love Gang fashions and accessories here are cool and contemporary, with affordable prices. I went for a pair of Les Specs sunglasses, initially; then a tiny mouse top knuckle ring that had to be part of my ring repertoire. Added bonus at the shop? Luella, Cara’s adorable  Frenchie, who helps holds down the fort and functions as fashion guard dog and four-legged shop gal.

Make a date with the Love Gang. You will fall fast and hard.Love Gang East Village

Love Gang East Village
Love Gang East Village Love Gang East Village

Love Gang East VillageGuard dog extraordinaire Luella!
Love Gang East Village Love Gang East Village Love Gang East Village Love Gang East Village Love Gang East Village

After this Summer, Fall into Lola & Sophie A/W 2015

Yes, it may be starting to soar into the 90s out there and all us ladies are all probably dreaming of floaty, organic cotton spaghetti-strapped sun dresses, but I was happy to shift into autumn/winter mode while attending the breakfast presentation of the Lola & Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 collection this past Thursday morning, where I was treated not only to sweet green juice, but the fun creative contemporary output of designer Gene Kagan.

Lola & Sophie designer Gene Kagan

Lola & Sophie designer Gene Kagan

Gene is an affable fashion talent, genuine and down-to-earth. And his designs are easy to understand, comfy and fun to wear, filling many different functions in a woman’s wardrobe. Lola & Sophie (named for Continue reading

Bridal Market 2016: The Incredible Beauties of Tony Ward

A toast and a rose.

Studying at the feet of the masters — and by that I mean creating women’s couture with Claude Montana at Lanvin, Gianfranco Ferré at Christian Dior couture, then Karl Lagerfeld at Chloé, as well as perfecting artistry from the House of Lesage — designer Tony Ward weaves together the handiwork of painting, beading and embroidery for a debut Kleinfeld bridal collection based on roses and the abstract shapes found in nature.

The Lebanese-Italian designer’s painted, shimmering, glittery fabrics adhere to the body in voluptuous, sculptural silhouettes, perfect for any bride wanting to feel sexy, beautiful and close to couture on her special day. Go ahead — pick one of these beauties and let your wedding day blossom.


Tony Ward's Kleinfeld debut for Bridal 2016

IMG_6224 IMG_6153

Austin City (No) Limits: Shopping Local Love

Austin always has been the coolest little southwestern town, known for its SXSW festivals, Barton Springs swimming hole, cowboy kicks and kitschy neon signage. These days it’s a full-on glamarama city, ranking 11th-most populated of the 50 US of A. Downtown — especially South Congress, or SoCo, as this mercantile/music swath is affectionately known — has its own traditional hipster vibe, with SoCo shops marching to their own beat, often in those previously-owned, distressed, vintage cowboy boots. A recent sojourn to this cultural center, where the unofficial motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” yielded the most amazingly-fragranced locally-mixed scents, horn necklace jewelry, unusual bitters, and of course, those vintage boots. Here, for your shopping pleasure:

Blackmail Couture

Blackmail, Gail Chovan’s ode to everything dark and lovely

Found: At Blackmail Boutique, founder Gail Chovan’s ode to the dark, the curious and the black, we flipped over Roux St. James fragrances, Krista Lacey’s small batch blends,  hand-crafted and hand-packaged at her Austin studio. Each perfume is created with natural ingredients and organic raw materials whenever possible. P bought me three for my birthday last month — 1920, Carus and Beltane — sweet little roll-on scent-filled bottles ensconced in a wax-sealed black box that looks like a mini book and ties with its own ribbon. So other century-ish!

Roux St James fragrances

Roux St James fragrances

Blackmail Couture

Roux St James fragrances

Roux St James fragrances

Found: At Feathers Boutique, we fell in love with co-owner Christina Simon (we missed meeting other-owner Emily Hoover), Lauren working the check-out counter, the cool vintage clothes, and especially the shop’s special scents from Sisters of the Black Moon. Ether knocked me out; somehow I’d purchased the fragrance when I came to! Collaborative partners Sara Larocca-Ramm, Alecia Marcum, and Rachel Hunt create with their personal style and visions in mind. Moonshine, another of the trio’s scents, came highly recommended and adored by Christina. I loved the bottle, but the scent didn’t quite work with my body chemistry. The Sisters don’t stop at fragrance, though,  harnessing their design power toward, as they say, “torso, legs, neck, ear, arm, fingers…” Check out their website, here. So far, I’m smitten by the one scent and will be howling at the black moon if I continue in this vein. Ether and out. Oh, and I have to get back to the boutique asap. Feather’s shibori indigo kimonos were some of the best I’ve seen this side of specialty trade shows.

Feathers Feathers



Found: At Off the Wall, just up SoCo, I met the sweetest southern soul mate jewelry designing sister, Lorie Elizabeth. Her Le Luxe collection of antler horn pendant necklaces, among other delectables, are a cross of semi-precious prayer or mala beads mashed up with vintage upcycled bling, a one-two punch of pretty with a Texan twist. When I asked her if she cut her own antlers, the adorable designer drawled, “Why, honey, we just find them on the side of the road. This is Texas, after all!” After she, Mignon and I bonded over beads, Lorie Elizabeth treated the little one to a woven-and-belled collar she fancied. In fact, everyone at every single shop on SoCo doted on Mignon, but at Off the Wall, co-owner Ellen Johnson even rushed to get her a bowl of water (Texas is hot, y’all). Bless their hearts!

Le Luxe designer Lorie Elizabeth with her Haute Fun collection  of horn and vintage bling necklaces.

Le Luxe designer Lorie Elizabeth with her Haute Fun collection of horn and vintage bling necklaces.

Found:  At Leighelana, the shop of another jewelry artist who focuses on enameled and exotic leathers for her international Texan pieces, the wares were straight from designer Leigh Elena’s vision and style. Here, of course, were the quintessential cowboy boots, at least for me — hit with a subtle leopard pattern on their dusty cognac suede. Big problem, though, and I mean big. The boots were almost 2 sizes too large for me. Crying. Still.



The coolest vintage cowboy boots at Leighhelena

The coolest vintage cowboy boots, at Leighhelena

Found: At Crofts, the most exquisite turquoise-colored vintage silk kimono from Buenos Aires, hanging on the rack of eclectic and unusual clothing collected by owner Susan Crofts during her extensive global travels. I saw the piece on Saturday, couldn’t shake it from mind and went back before our flight on Monday to snag it.

But the best find of all from our Texas trip? Little Diego, the chichi seen hiding in that vintage Crofts’ kimono sleeve, below, an abandoned pup found on property near the Formula1 race track. Of course, we brought him home with us, too!



Beautiful silk turquoise kimono from Susan Crofts' eclectic and exotic rack of vintage clothes from her own travels.

Beautiful silk turquoise kimono from Susan Crofts’ eclectic and exotic rack of vintage clothes from her own travels.