Exclusive Luxury Digs in Palm Beach:
Collection 13 at the Jennifer Miller Boutique

Anyone vacationing in Palm Beach right now, sipping an espresso by the pool at The Breakers, sunning and swimming beachside, or perusing the beautiful luxuriousness of Worth Avenue?!

Worth Avenue Shopping in Palm Beach

Worth Avenue Shopping on via Mizner in Palm Beach

Well, then, hie thee to the Jennifer Miller Boutique at 5 via Mizner, nestled within one of the adorable “alleyways” of Worth Avenue, part of Palm Beach’s luxury shopping spectacularness. And while there, invest in one of my Collection 13 railroad spike cuffs, being sold exclusively at the Jennifer Miller Palm Beach boutique. Only two are available in shop now, so I recommend running, not walking. Or, really, just strolling leisurely while taking in the loveliness of one of the top shopping destinations in the world.

Jennifer Miller Palm Beach boutique on via Mizner

Jennifer Miller’s beautiful Palm Beach boutique on via Mizner

via Mizner, just off Worth Avenue

Captivating setting of via Mizner, off Worth Avenue

Brass FashionWhirled Railroad Spike Cuff from Collection 13

The Collection 13 brass railroad spike cuff, exclusively at Jennifer Miller Palm Beach

Jennifer Miller Boutique Palm Beach

The gorgeous window at the Jennifer Miller Boutique, Palm Beach

Gucci Palm Beach

Gucci standing guard at the top of Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

The humor and beauty of Worth Avenue, Palm Beach’s luxury shopping destination


Handcrafted Sel et Sable and Collection 13 Jewelry
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Heart String

Heart String necklace on golden thread

Sel et Sable Summer Collection

Hanging Rock on waxed cord + Beloved Shell on leather

Bringing the beach back, as a lifestyle accoutrement. Recycling, rejuvenating, reworking the beauty of a faded piece of fashion or broken-down accessory. Crafting metal works using lost wax carving techniques for rings, spike bracelets and pendant necklaces.

The organic, one-of-a-kind unique found objets of Sel et Sable reclaimed materials, bejeweled and artisanally merged with love – and the handcrafted metal-smithed creations of Collection 13 are now available exclusively here on Fashion Whirled.

For more information on pricing and purchasing, please contact kim@fashionwhirled.com.

Thank you! ❤️

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Collection13 Collection13 Collection13 Sel et Sable Sel et Sable Collection13 Collection13 Collection13 Collection13 Collection13 Sel et Sable Collection13 Collection13 Collection 13All jewelry and photos by Kimberly Cihlar