A Fashionable Mind: Holly Adam on FashionWhirled’s Friday:5ive

The fashionable Holly Adam and I met through the men’s wear industry but cemented our fashion friendship through our travels in Europe, during the menswear Fashion Weeks held twice a year. She was the protogé of Kal Ruttenstein, the inimitable Fashion Director of Bloomingdale’s back in the day (I’ll never forget the jogging suits and silver trainers that he always wore in flight. ALWAYS.), and an icon whom I followed about blindly — when she would hold court in Rose’s down a little alleyway in Firenza, carousing us for drinks poolside at the Villa Cora or in Milan at the Duca or the Gallia lobbies. In Paris, we’d see her for dinner at Dave’s Chinese or bouncing around with our pal and colleague, John Fowler, at Le Crillon.   She has this deep, infectious laugh and lovely way of carrying herself, a beautiful blended head of grey, even back then, and a style of dressing to die for. I was smitten! Holly left Bloomie’s years ago and Continue reading

Fashion Designer George Carr, FW’s Friday:5ive

Baby, you can drive my CARR….
The luxury fashion label from writer and theatre producer-turned-designer George Carr (http://www.carrnyc.com/blog) not only celebrated its official one year anniversary of existence, the collection just opened at retail this past week. Bloomingdale’s launched the women’s collection for this season last Friday, and Saks Fifth Avenue opened the men’s a week ago Thursday.
FashionWhirled has a soft spot in our hearts for George. He’s a fellow writer, poet and creative soul. And we’re glad to have him in our lives and are delighted to feature him this week in our Friday:5ive.
Fashion designer George Carr
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