Ricardo Seco AW13 – Hipster Hasids

Not quite sure about the crossroads connection of cultural styles that Mexican-born designer Ricardo Seco tapped into for his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection – he took his inspiration from “the corner of Hasidic and Hipster,” with each model walking the ersatz runway at the Eyebeam Gallery Wednesday night styled with yarmulke-type hats and the pe’ot sideburns indigenous to Williamsburg, where Seco just recently moved.

Yarmulke + pe'ot with emerald green city wear

Yarmulke + pe’ot with emerald green city wear

But Seco’s “Alive” was filled with deftly tailored leather pieces, chic casual wear that was layered and draped, a dark and dramatic palette of black, grey and white with bits of green, and a luxuriousness of fabrics manifested in cashmere, velvet, wool and cotton.

Designer Ricardo Seco

Designer Ricardo Seco

Seco based his oversized jackets, slender pants silhouette, and casual disheveledness on, he said, a “deep respect” for Williamsburg’s prominent religious culture’s formal dress code, interpreting that into an “Urban Orthodox” look centered around talented maneuverings featuring white cotton shirts layered under chunky or fine knitwear and stunningly skinny leather pants that zipped at the ankle for even greater skinniness, plus great leather man bags that will be as perfect for a laptop as for a religious manifesto.

Ricardo Seco AW13

Oh, and as always, Seco’s collaboration with Converse made for some great footwear options, especially the platform sneaks he showed this season.

Snakeskin pattern and platform Converse with chunky knit

Snakeskin pattern and platform Converse with chunky knit in front of casual coolness

Designer Ricardo Seco taking his runway walk

Designer Ricardo Seco taking his runway walk

Ricardo Seco AW13

Layers for hipster workwear

Ricardo Seco AW13

Seco’s take on the leather bomber

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam AW13

Blanket striped sleeves on buffalo checked varsity jacket

The eagle landed, as promised, at Mark McNairy.
After pumping up the audience with “The Ride of the Valkyries” before the show, the designer treated spectators to an all-American, preppy-tasting collection to snack on that featured hopsack sport coats, varsity jackets, Adidas track jackets, bow ties, buffalo plaid hoodies and camo tuxedos.
Women’s wear borrowed from the boys with harris tweed coat dresses, puffy down jackets and double-breasted topcoats. Yes, please. We would like one of each! McNasty brings it for refreshing, wearable, saleable clothes with just the right amount of whimsy and caprice for today’s contemporary guy or gal with a taste for unusual traditional.

Bow tied and fedora’d

In the trenches

Boyfriend jacket

Puffy vest and beanie

Preppy shirt backed by lucky number 13

J. Crew AW13

J. Crew rocked a women’s collection Tuesday morning filled with things that we need! Must have! Want! I mean, seriously. Check out these mixes of vibrant patterns, colors and cool accessories, all inspired by the design director’s recent trip to Marrakesh. Please, take us with you next time! As long as we can pack all these lovelies in our suitcase for the trip, natch.

The men’s wear was classic J. Crew, a bit traditional, not too daring. Best piece? The patched and somewhat distressed oatmeal-hued sweatpants.

Things We All Must Have!

Brilliant mosaic pattern + vibrant sunset hues

Work that color!

Bling it

Moroccan nights

Rad trad