John Bartlett: The. Sweetest. Designer. Ever.

Did a quick drive by after the Perry Street block party to see John Bartlett, one of my most favorite designers of all time. I wanted my Loup Charmant designer friend Kee to meet him finally and see his magnificent style.

We were saddened to hear that he had bad news about Tiny Tim, the beloved tripod canine love of his life, who is also the logo for his adorable retro and rustic Seventh Avenue shop.

TT has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and while JB tried one go-round with chemo, he decided not to put his buddy through the whole ordeal. We concur and commiserate, and are sending John, his hubby and Tiny Tim all our love and positive thoughts.

Speaking of positive thoughts, we can’t stop thinking about the sweet capsule group of women’s wear that John just introduced, the one that was practically hidden that night in a back corner. The pretty little men’s wear inspired pieces include a luxurious butterscotch and buttery cashmere cable sweater, soft tweed trousers and vest. A particularly soft and cushy black and white houndstooth check hunting shirt had me practically fainting, as did a black and white argyle cashmere turtleneck that would be the equivalent to wearing your favorite blankie out to dinner. We vowed to come back for more, as the whole thing left us girls salivating, in particular, about owning a John Bartlett man’s suit sized to fit us. John promised us he’d be getting in more and keep us posted.

Now, isn’t he the sweetest designer ever?

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