Last Vestiges of Summer

 This was the day that everywhere I looked, there was a feather. Jogging. Walking. In yoga the instructor said to spread our wings. The universe was preparing me to fly.
Happiness is a bright summer dress, Part Two. Hanging outside the cool jewelry boutique, The Shape of Lies.
 Industry of All Nations makes Happiness a bright pair of fall jeans — colorful, naturally-dyed (with

bugs and plants!) selvage denim for men from fall 2011. They use a dye house from India that eliminates petrochemicals and eco-contamination. Industry’s motto: “In the globalized world there is no place like home.”

Black-and-white be-winged beauty on friends’ butterfly bush.
 The annual Tompkins Square Park pink lilies that come up just in time to commemorate with us the anniversary of our Lily’s loss.
Happiness is a bright dress, Part III, to walk the dog in.
Finally? Follow your own footsteps to the path you need, desire + deserve.

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