What’s Next: Yoga Pants 24/7!


Sun salutations to my dear friend Jeannie Ralston, who has just launched www.NextTribe.com with her business partner, Lori Seekatz. Trust me, NextTribe is a must-read, must-follow website for women everywhere. I’ve made it easy for you: click to sign up!

kim yoga beach

Yes, that's me, in tree pose on Pawley's Island.

It’s especially meant for women getting to that “certain age.” The age of not knowing what’s next, how to dress or look and who’s with us on this new journey. Kids vacating the nest? Career coming to an end (government-imposed or otherwise)? Politics kicking back in like it was the ’60s? Things falling and they don’t know how to get up (neck and boobs, I’m looking at you)? NextTribe embraces social, emotional, wellness and lifestyle relevance and consciousness in a well thought-out, well put-together link. The site’s tagline, “Aging Boldly” is for all of us. Because, not “oldly,” as Lori jokes.

Honestly, I’m blessed to be a part of Jeannie’s tribe. She has gathered an illustrious group of editors, journalists and writers so far, and I’m honored to be part of this community of smart women! Please look for my fashion and lifestyle articles + essays. I hope you’ll enjoy my first fashion contribution, here, on yoga pants as the new denim. Yes, it’s a thing. Even though journalist Robin Givhan recently reported that fashion wants us to up our game, try harder and leave leggings for life on the ground, not on the plane. But I digress. That’s a whole other story.

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