Smelling the Truth… from EMES Essential Oils

With little more than a subtle whiff, fragrance has the ability to change our world, inciting dreams of next-level inspiration and aspiration. And all just by rolling a little essential oil on pulse points.

EMES Soixante-Six

Essential oils are pretty much all I wear. Just a little can calm me when I need soothing, ground me when I need to take a stance, lift me when I need inspiration and emotional embracing. The subtle sense of scent can make a first impression when entering a room and leave a lasting impression when exiting. Roll ons, I think, are the best, because you don’t get too much fragrance on (nothing is worse than overpowering people by wearing a dousing of fragrance others may not love the way you do).

Take a cue from the wellness world and add essential oils to your life, like those from EMES, creators of their own customized fragrance subscription. Follow their fragrance recipes of the month or craft your own, wearing one, two or more EMES oils layered for your own unique signature scent.

Essential perfume oils

Wear solo or make your own unique layered fragrances.

I’ve been sampling a few of the luscious oils EMES sent me for review. EMES means “truth,” and truth be told, my faves so far are Black Opium, Orange Flower and Incense Nag Champra. The scents are heady, rich and deep. In other words, a little roll goes a long, long way!

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Oh, you can follow EMES on Insta at @emesfragrance.

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