Sleek + Chic: Seeing Clearly at NYMD SS19

New York Men’s Day Spring/Summer 2019 kicked off in style this past Monday with much fanfare and fantastic fashions. The best? Clear and present…the rain slicker, as designers permutated the look of the standard nasty elements style into something chic, sleek and as wearable as a shirt.

Maybe it was waterproof, maybe it wasn’t. Who cares? These unmistakable winners take transparency to a whole next level of dressing. Clearly.

Clearly, the coolest, at sundae school SS19

Sleek side view

The ubiquitous translucent slicker updated at Taak

Even the skull cap at Taak

Clear and present at Vanessa Zhang SS19


Not clear, but still rain slicker chic, patent turf “jean jacket” at Vanessa Zhang SS19

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