Pest, Pest, Budapest!

Gwen, Mignon and I in Budapest 2014

The Girls! Gwen, Mignon and I in Budapest, July 2014.

Aaaaand….we’re back!

What a decadently delightful vackay. We ate, we walked, we bathed in medicinal waters and thermal springs, we brought Mignon, we visited with our sister- and brother-in-law who have recently moved there, we ate, we took mass transit, we shopped. Seemed like mostly we ate, with each restaurant better than the one before it!

But, also, we took tons of photos. Pictures are on Facebook, (follow us here), with Pinterest to come. Make sure to check back with us here at Fashion Whirled for all the whirlwind stories we want share about our trip through the fairy tale city of Budapest.

Philippo in the cave Budapest

Philippo in the Szemlőhegyi cave

Like, for instance, did you know that Pest means “Cave”? And we trekked down in the tunnels of one such sight on the Buda side of the Danube.

More to come, I promise! Puszi, puszi as they say over there!

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