Menswear: Heading into 6 Years of MWN!

The MensWearNetwork celebrated the new year, the new January menswear market week, an influx of new faces/new perspectives/new ideas and views, as well as 5 years of putting together a mix of industry generations and expertise. Can’t believe we are heading into our sixth year of networking new and knowledgable, start-ups and venerated industry stalwarts, old school with new kids in the class. 

Catching up with our menswear friends at last night’s MensWearNetwork event at The Lambs Club meant lots of talk surrounding the current state of the industry, which trade show was the fave of the week (MRket and Liberty Fairs were on everyone’s lips), new designers and new collection and product approaches. 

Fun meeting newcomers to our group – like retailer Gary R. Drinkwater of Cambridge, Mass’s Drinkwater’s and hearing his tales of selling that stalwart Northeastern community. There were the founders of Little West Twelfth accessories (launching for fall) and the White Space Group (Dearrick Knupp, Ashley John Heather and Greg Lagola), speaking of their interactive menswear plans. The women’s and menswear designer Michael Kaye, of his eponymous Cravate collection, showed his accessories line in print and spoke of reaching out to the UK market. Shirt designer Lucky Nahum told the story of how he named the signature design detail he’s using in his Vluxe shirt collection. Sustainable-based Glass House Shirtmakers designer/owner Daniel Bernardo talked about his move back to New York, Bushwick, in particular, and his search for a retail venue on the LES. 

Thank you to all who journeyed out last night (and Tom Julian – you were greatly missed!). Holly, Mary Ellen, John and I look forward to seeing everyone again in April!

  Designer Gaspar Saldanha with John Cisler

  Greg Lagola with MWN co-founder John Fowler

 Lisa Kesselman, Nancy Guetssoyan, Joel New and Frank Ercole

  Catherine Schetting Salfino and Paul Stuart’s Mark Rykken

  MWN co-founder Kimberly Cihlar, Chiun-Kai Shih and MR Magazine’s Karen Alberg-Grossman

Designer Michael Kaye, Lisa Silhanek, stylist Hayley Mitchell, Michael Perris and Fern Mallis  

MWN co-founders Holly Adam and myself flanking Robert Di Mauro

Thomas Cunningham and Andrew Corrigan behind MWN co-founders Mary Ellen Barone and myself, filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulos and Catherine Schetting Salfino 

  Designer Andrew Corrigan with journalist Catherine Schetting Salfino

  PR minds Lisa Wertheimer Wells with Josh Ginsburg

  With Ike Behar’s Alan Behar  

With Michael Perris    

 Marcus Teo with Chiun-Kai Shih

 Mary Ellen, Kevin Alexander, myself and The Refind Gent’s Robert Solis

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