Hinting Up the Hubby for a Polly Wales Eternity Ring


Grey Diamond Stack

Grey Diamond Stack. Photo from PollyWales.com

I’ve been hinting to P for several years that this time would come. That the 10 years marking our being married would result in the need for one (okay, two would do. yeah, two would be great…) eternity bands. Now, I’m not going to be picky. Any of the grey diamond rings on the stackable bunch above would do.

And when you say “stackable rings” – well, now this is what I’m talkin’ about. Polly Wales. She makes the most magnificent diamond and precious stone handcrafted jewelry. A collection of what she calls “eroded” diamond rings that look organically manifested. Rings fit for a queen or empress. Necklaces that are beyond the pale. And know what else? She’s the nicest, award-winning lady ever! I met Polly last NYNow show through my dear friend k who just got her own two Polly stackables this past week. Abundance, baby. Yes, that’s definitely what I’m talkin’ about!


Five grey diamonds...one for every finger!

Five grey diamonds…one for every finger! Photo from PollyWales.com

Luckily, I was able to see Polly again yesterday at the current NYNow show at the Javits Center. This amazing artist flies in from her native London, England and lets poor slobbering diamond-addled fools like me play with her divine jewels. You can see one of her gorgeous creations on my finger below, although the pic (not to mention my hand!) doesn’t do this beauty any justice.

Polly Wales Handcrafed Jewellry

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