And the winner is….Charleston Fashion Week!

Love that Charleston finally has a vibrant Fashion Week!

Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week‘s five-day fashion extravaganza hosted by the Holy City ended last night to tons of devoted fanfare and was attended by many high powered fashion execs (among the judging panel was NYC Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis and The‘s Cator Sparks). Marion Square popped tents to become runway-ready for popular established designers (helloooo, Christian Siriano!) and created an emerging talent base that included designers Serena da Conceicao of Brooklyn, Siobhan Murphy of Charleston and Emerging Designer winner Afriyie Poku of Atlanta, who presented the only menswear collection in the competition.

Emerging Designer Winner Afriyie Poku's menswear.  Photo by Glenn Barnette Courtesy of Charleston Fashion Week®

One of the dapper looks from ED Winner Afriyie Poku’s menswear collection. Photo by Glenn Barnette Courtesy of Charleston Fashion Week®

Charleston makes me proud these days. It’s come a long way, baby, since I moved here from the Midwest in the ’70s. Back then, kids taunted my sis and me at the bus stop with the mean mantra of “Go Home, Damn Yankees!” (only we were, ahem, Hoosiers), blue laws kept stores closed on Sundays, including FASHION boutiques, and monsoon-like flooding those first few weeks of our relocation kept us afraid of hydro-planing into the huge Live Oaks that stood solid, planted proudly on either side of the one-lane Highway 61.

Today, it’s been raining like the Dickens down here on this soggy Palm Sunday (I’m back South, taking care of mom + family business) and I’m still afraid of hydro-planing into the oaks as I make my way to a hot yoga class this morning (see how much things really have changed here!).

At least we can go shopping later….

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