Made in Italy, Alenford Luxury Dress Shirts are HEEERRRREEEE!

Quality, Made in Italy, affordable shirts? What?! Can’t be, you say? Arrivederci search, seek + shop. Alenford luxury dress shirts are ready for your insatiable consumption! Get them now, practically custom-made, with a click of your mouse, here, now.

St. Tropez Plus 72-10, semispread collar, 2button cut-edge cuff-2-940x600

St. Tropez Plus 72-10, semispread collar, 2button cut-edge cuff-2-940×600

I bring this to your attention because I received this email, below, last night from my friend, colleague and client Luigi Leonardi, who, with partner Trevor Brooks, heads up the Made in Italy dress shirt company Alenford, live now online. (Transparency side note, I wrote much of the web copy.)

As they say at Alenford: “The shirts incorporate quality features such as mother of pearl buttons, artisanal button stitching and a full overstitched tab on side seams called ‘La Mosca’ (The Fly).” Note “La Mosca” It is one of the discerning details of the Alenford shirt.

I highly recommend that you give this online shirt shopping experience a look-see, snag some great, affordable Italian-made shirts for yourself or the man in your life and get on with your day! It’s quality luxury shopping with personalized shopping assistance from Luigi himself – and I swear – it’s all right at your fingertips.


Alenford Italian Quality

Welcome to Alenford-Now Out of Beta Testing!

Good evening Kim

We are proud to announce that Alenford’s website is now out of beta testing and open for your shopping experience.

Thank you to those of you who requested an invitation code and participated in our beta testing. Invitation codes are not necessary to browse the website any more.

Please visit

Alenford’s luxury dress shirts are designed with high quality fabrics and expert Italian craftsmanship. We offer an array of shirts with various colors, body fits, cuffs, and collar options. If you’re looking to find your perfect shirt, our style experts are here to help you.

Schedule an appointment to meet with a style expert online or in our NYC showroom. Please respond to this email if you want to schedule.

Thank you for your support.


Luigi Leonardi

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