Ah, You’re a Wit…
and a Wizard: Joseph Abboud at the Modern Day Algonquin Round Table

Dorothy Parker may have had her Vicious Circle at the Algonquin’s original Round Table. Tom Beebe, the visual merchandising industry power house, has his Visual Circle of same circular center piece. Calling them his “Wits and Wizards” salon gatherings, these informal meetings of the minds over the past couple of years have been creating a new and thoroughly modern Wits of the Algonquin Round Table featuring the best of design and fashion world executives.
20140522-145544-53744699.jpgTom Beebe with Mary Ellen Barone

This Tuesday attendees were blessed with the bon mots and menswear industry insights of designer Joseph Abboud, below. 20140522-152558-55558884.jpg
Abboud, creative director of Men’s Wearhouse, is back on track and on top of his game. He’s repurchased the Joseph Abboud factory in Massachusetts (the largest menswear facility in the U.S.), is placing orders for 2.2 million yards of luxury goods out of Biella, Italy, and, in collaboration with Men’s Wearhouse, is creating affordable suitings for today’s younger generation of guys, noting that he’s using his daughters’ boyfriends as style gauges. “That generation is more and more into style and leaning toward traditional.” Suits start at $495.
20140522-150419-54259778.jpgMR Magazine Editor Karen Alberg Grossman, Joseph Abboud and Fashion Whirled’s Kim Cihlar

This, all while gearing up for a luxury collection of artisanally-crafted, hand-signed one-of-a-kind tailored pieces available exclusively online. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone!” Abboud quipped.

The designer fielded questions from the audience, spoke of his past relationship with manufacturing giant GFT, addressed his workers’ incomparable pride of workmanship and had guests hoping he’ll turn his hand to women’s wear soon. Unfortunately for now, perhaps we can fit in a small – very small – men’s jacket.

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