Get Smart! Debuts Academy Series

FashionWhirled went back to school last week, making the grade past the discerning doorman before entering the exclusive cool and louche Electric Room venue of the Dream Downtown hotel, in what couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop for’s launch of its Academy series.

Basically a personalized private tutoring of sorts to a select group of its hip readers and friends, the  Academy premier last Thursday night catered to the fashion set with men’s style guru and author Tom Julian dispensing dressing tips, while hair stylist Jen Atkin, using Clear Men Scalp Therapy, gave grooming insight meted out with free trims.

 Askmen’s Armando Gomez, left, Jen Atkin and Tom Julian

Askmen’s director of advertising and promotions Armando Gomez said the night’s event
will serve as the first of many more on the Academy “syllabus,” as other select readers will get further specialized education from additional pros — among other real life lessons, like mixology manners, to name one upcoming session planned within the series.

Jen Atkin at her grooming station

The robust crowd was fashion savvy yet enthralled and educated by Julian’s fashion know-how and the complimentary way in which he steered them toward a new dress direction. Julian set up three distinct lifestyle fashion groupings — the Creative, the Casual, the Conservative — presenting clothes in each from Ted Baker, Lacoste and Joe’s Jeans.

 The Creative and how to become him
The Conservative and how to achieve the look
Still life with cool brogues
Boat shoes go upscale 

Most of the party goers fit easily into one of the style classifications, like the three gentleman to the left — who were perfect runway-to-real life creative, casual and conservative examples. Many attending even wore their own bespoke tailored jackets, like Reginald in the rockin’ orange trou, among other financial agents, fashion executives, tourist board directors and media producers. Julian pushed casual guys toward adopting sophisticated pocket squares in their three-button sport coats worn over untucked plaid shirts and jeans, while he led dressy tailor-made suited guests toward dimpling their ties.

But guys, don’t sweat booking up before Askmen’s next class act. You may have a lot to learn, but when the Academy is in session, all you need is to just be present. Can I get a raised-hand “here!?”

l-r Reginald Charlot of NYC and Co. tourism, 
Joe Amodio from Newsday, and Brandon Warner, NBC Universal
Julian with Anthony Nunziata, who performs 
with his brother at Feinstein’s next month
Will Nunziata, the other half of the Nunziata Brothers
Greg Daniels of Trapdoor Productions with interior decorator Michael Arguello
Errol Ellis, Julian, Kristina Velasco and Kris Triplett

Stylist Kris Triplett dimpling Errol  Ellis’ woven silk tie
Daniel Urtiaga, from the just-opened Rudy’s Barbershop at the Ace