Ah, Youth and The Fashion Blogs

Is this the new Tavi
Plastic Barrettes‘s adorable 13 year old blogger Bella at yesterday’s IFB conference. She asked multiple questions. Had notebook, video, photo camera in hand. Drew “awwwww’s” when she mentioned her age and blog’s name. 
Not only does she really, REALLY look the part, but she seems intelligent, informed and passionate about fashion and fashion blogging.
Way to go, kiddo!

Proenza Schouler Designers Keynote Speakers at IFB Blogging Conference

This Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ conference is turning into a Fashion Week extravaganza:

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the geniuses behind Proenza Schouler, will be the main and major speakers during this coming Fashion Week’s blogging conference at Milk studios in NYC (February 10-11, 2011).

Past conferences have included panel discussions with veteran fashion bloggers Susie Bubble, BrianBoy and Tavi, whose youth and insightful posts, to say nothing of her eclectic style, runway-impeding bow hats and collaboration with Jane Pratt, have put her on the fashion world’s map.

This conference will also feature workshops, panels and talks by Refinery29, Pretty Shiny Sparkly and Rachna Shah of PR/Production firm KCD.

Stay tuned. I’ll be there.

Will YOU?!

IFBcon Today

Attending ~ via computer ~ live streaming broadcast of the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference being held all day today at the Helen Mills Theater.

Great tips + business advice. Panelists have all been incredibly interesting + intelligent, with astute points of view. Last panel of the day wrapping up right now ~ Tavi, BryanBoy, Lauren + Britt from fashionista.com, Susi Bubble of Style Bubble, Phil Oh of Street Peeper. Really insightful commentary on the fashion world + the future of fashion bloggers in general.

Tavi at #ifbcon on Twitpic
Tavi entering IFBcon
Twitpic courtesy of Fasshonaburu

Thank you everyone who participated, and, most especially, super thanks to the IFB and Jennine at The Coveted for organizing and making it all possible!