St. Paddy’s Day Greenie Challenge

Erin go braugh.
And eat your greens!
In honor of this St. Paddy’s Day, I’ve undertaken the Tera Warner Green Smoothie Queen challenge to eat only greenie drinks for the next three days. So, I’m waiting until I’m good and starving before diving into this one I made a little bit ago. I think y’all kinda know the drill by now: Kale, lots of kale. And this one has a huge English cuke in it, plus a few haricot verts and mint. What are YOU drinking that’s green today? And I’m not askin’ about green beer. Yuck!
Oh yeah. And half a Gala apple for sweetness, as you can see in my trusty

Osterizer, below.

I am stocking up so that I don’t get hungry and in the middle of mulching start munching on some nuts!
And now on this beautiful, bountiful day as I hear bagpipe and saxophone sexiness out in the park, I’m going for some more hydration and then hitting the “lawnmover pulp” as Tera, the Green Smoothie Queen, calls it!
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