EV Hurricane Update

our 24 hour supermarket shuts down, while the Petopia stayed open til 8:30. poor kids working there; hope they made it home to Queens.
i’ve never seen the world’s largest deli bring in their entire stock of lovely flowers in. ever.

 parking spots on e7th! on a saturday night!

the kids are out in force — hurricane parties, natch — and the storm watch wear is shorts, stripes and bumpershoots.

newly reopened sidewalk cafe is open/closed and playing billy joel’s new york state of mind as we walked by.

 7A all taped up and, i believe, closed for biz.
the calm before the storm.

Sidewalk Gets a Facelift

The bandages come off this week as East Village stand-by Sidewalk Café reopens after extensive renovations — after all, the place has been the go-to cool cafe society joint of the EV since 1985, the year I moved to New York City.
Sidewalkers wondered if the place was being shuttered forever after the restaurant closed this past winter, slated to open in late Spring. June came, then July. Sidewalk seemed a goner, like much of the old-timing EV (Mars Bar, anyone?). Finally work started in earnest a couple of weeks ago.  And voila!
The restaurant brings a new look and a new menu to the table, plus a whole new stainless kitchen, according to one of the owners.
Stay tuned. More pix of the new caged light fixtures, turquoise banquettes and general overall upscaling of an EV tradition.
Open mic nights get an expanded stage area and the fresh air dining al fresco remains Sidewalk’s calling card. 
Hey, after 25 awesome years of hard wear and tear, couldn’t we all do with a few minor “procedures?!”