It’s a dog’s life, for sure

I am so lucky to have this little thing to wake up to every morning. I think about this a lot, of all the joy and love she has brought into our lives.

She lights up early in the a.m., waiting quietly until she can no more and then, wriggling ecstatically, pounces on P to give him his morning kisses, grinning at him to roll her over in a rough-and-tumble tummy rub or throw her doggie-crack toy around the bed for her to chase like a mad beast.

She is a beautiful soul, an intuitive friend, a great listener, a super snuggler, a wonderful traveler and a master of the fake-out/sneak-in when it comes to restaurants, cocktail parties and art museums. She is a celebrity on our 7th Street sidewalk, greeted by neighbors I’ve never met. One model-esque couple stopped us with “Is that Mignon? We thought we recognized her!” And then spoke French to her. Children love her, and while she may be afraid, she is never snippy or mean to them.

New comprehensions and communications astound me. How she understands what I ask her to do and how she does it, blows my mind. New positions for sleep, with all four legs in the air, amuse me. I realize just how bound together humans and canines truly are. And I love it.

I am blessed that we were able to bring Mignon back with us from the North Shore Animal League that November day, thankful to John Bartlett and his endearing and unending love and support and championing of all the rescue animals brought in to that facility needing new families.

Thank you, John. Thank you NSAL.

Look at us.

What a lovely little family we have now.