Oscars 2011: Fashion Roundup

Someone asked me this morning who my favs were from last night’s red carpet runway extravaganza, otherwise known as the Oscars or the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

For the women’s fashion, I truly loved the Calvin Klein Collection dresses on Jennifer Lawrence (red carpet red!) and Gwyneth Paltrow (she was a shimmering goddess), and the pretty princess party dresses from Marchese, age-appropriate on Hailee Steinfeld and just perfectly sexy on Halle Berry.

Intellectually, I loved what Russell Brand and Christian Bale were doing pushing the, ahem, envelope with their rich, dark interpretations of the modern tux. And I swooned for Robert Downey Jr. in his John Varvatos navy tux with white tie and Justin Timberlake in his forward yet classic Tom Ford with the new bold bow tie. For the most part, the guys played it safe with classic traditional black tie options.

But, really my biggest favorite was Team TJG of the Tom Julian Group and the red carpet style maestro himself, Tom Julian, who is back reporting for Oscar.com in his 15th year (he posted photos and captions immediately following the entrances of the stars and nominees), and is now contributing the following wrap up for askmen.com this a.m.

His take on men’s style from last night here:

Oscars 2011: Men’s Fashion Roundup

Go Team TJG and style maven Tom Julian!