Endless Summer…What a Suntanned Doll!

Strolling down 7th Street the other day, I caught an irresistible fragrant wave. Not what you might be thinking, this being the sweaty, sultry dog days of August in New York City. An aromatic delight, it was wafting out of Teich Designs, one of the East Village’s coolest new boutiques. The scent of sweet suntan oil, salty like the surf, coaxed me into the adorable store. I should have known. It was Doll in Suntanned, my neighbor Dana Varon’s latest creative endeavor.

A natural perfume oil that our favorite resident rocker, actress and writer hand mixes, the aroma often languishes in our apartment building’s lobby, either from The Doll herself breezing out to walk her dog or floating from her “liquid laboratory” as she prepares her potions for consumer consumption.

Inside Teich (pronounced “Tie-shh,” the owner’s maiden name, which in German means pond and is part of the driving force behind the boutique’s greater design and retail philosophy), I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with designer Allison Teich McGowan about her eco-friendly handbags in materials like hemp and the earth-aware products from re-purposed to recycled jewelry and sunglasses she carries from other East Village artists.

Doll’s a perfect fit at Teich. Not only is the scent natural, but Doll molds its fragrance to each individual who rolls it across her skin. Consisting of top notes of orange blossom and light musk, the grapeseed-based oil smells distinctly different on everyone. Another neighbor and I tested the perfume and each of us got unique results. Don’t be afraid to share with all your friends!

Enjoying write ups in Nylon and Lucky, Doll in Suntanned, currently available at Teich on East 7th St., Poppy on Mott, Ellen on Ludlow and Susan Ciminelli’s Spa NYC uptown, is the perfect summer suntan scent, guaranteed to make your summer last all year long.