Glen Garry, Glen Watkins

Believe it or not, this is sunRISE over Seneca Lake a couple weekends ago.

P and I were in Watkins Glen for the Indy car race. Spectacular!

Mignon had fun, loved the hotel and was a great little trouper at the kennel we took her to on the other side of the lake the day of the race (she could’ve gone, but the sound would have given her a heart attack and the heat would’ve flat out killed her).

Antique finds like the tiny antlers I almost brought back home and the heart-shaped glass jar P already’d found up at a yard sale by Lila’s, verdant scenery including an inviting camping area in the state park that we will indeed return to, a marina restaurant with outdoor dining where M was ecstatic in her own chair and we got great food and fantastic sunsets…these were a few of my favorite things.

Sun setting behind the mountains at the edge of the marina Sunday night after the race.

Oh, and the race was pretty sweet, too! Will Power, power on! There was an Indy Lite race prior to the main event and I, of course, was routing for the William Rast car, owned by the fashion company co-founded by Justin Timberlake.

P.S. Did you know that a glen is typically a long, low U-shaped valley of a glacially-created water area?!!!